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Welcome to the Sneaker Groups

The Sneaker-Groups is the only site completely dedicated to the Sneaker Fan Community.

Our original goal was to unite all factions of sneaker fans under one roof for conversation and a central place to share photos, videos, and stories.

That goal has remained true for the most part. We have evolved expanded, upgraded, moved servers, and changed software many times over the years.

What we really didn't expect was the volume of photos and content that would be uploaded. Currently we're hosting over 773,235 images plus videos with over 12 million downloads between the Groups and the Portal site.

We're not complaining!! We'd like you to post more and more.

Members can post images / videos here for permanent storage with Forum posts or Clubs. There is no reason to use Flicker, youtude or any other file sharing site for your sneaker related content.

Complete Privacy is something you can count on here! We don't use real names or collect any data other than to maintain your account.

We have been offering a spam free, hate free, private place for sneaker fans for over 23 years.

Register, meet new folks, explore the Forums, and please join in.

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    Aug 8, 2020
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