canvas sneakers

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    Image At Risk Keds

    New Keds dangerously close to a messy fate. Which one would you like to see end up in the mud?
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    G-Rated Memorial Day Keds

    Anyone have any stories about girls bringing out their new, white Keds for Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer? What were their outfits? Did the weather cooperate?
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    Image Prissy Missy

    Missy had hoped that something would come up that would cancel Jeff’s family reunion but it wasn’t to be. At least the weather was going to be nice following several days of rain. Missy always found Jeff’s family to be hillbilly-ish and just wanted to get the afternoon at the park over with...
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    Image Canvas Sneaker Daddy and his sluts collection…

    My sluts collection of keds. Superga, vans, converse and other canvas sneakers knows no boundaries! Some are “slutty” (we have fucked or fucked other in them!) and some are just meant to be kept pristine for my viewing pleasure…
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