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    G-Rated First Day for New Keds

    I know there can be limitless answers to this, but am looking for thoughts... A girl has a brand new pair of white canvas Keds and she decides that she's going to wear them for the first time. What are some of the thoughts that she may have? Does the weather play a factor? Does she give more...
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    Discussion Organic Canvas

    I've never seen the Organic Canvas Champions. How do they differ from the regular canvas? Is the difference noticeable? How so?
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    Discussion Keds with Pinstripes

    Does anyone remember the Keds Champions that had a faint pinstripe pattern from the early 1990's? I looked but can't find any picture examples online. The pinstripes ran from front to back and were not prominent- perhaps white or off-white in color? I'd guess they were only around a year or...
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    Keds Wife’s Canvas Slip-On Keds after Dubai Trip

    Wife wore her white canvas Keds champion slip-ons for our Dubai trip. She didn’t bring any socks along and wore her Keds every day since she forgot to bring another pair of shoes. By the end, the Keds were smelly like anything and extremely funky both inside and outside. She left them out to air...
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    G-Rated Solo (2013)

    I came across a 2013 movie called "Solo" where a girl in her late teens or early 20's is camping by herself on an island. She wear blue canvas Keds champions most of the movie. At various points in the movie she walks through water and mud and also wears them when swimming.
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    Image Canvas Sneaker Daddy and his sluts collection…

    My sluts collection of keds. Superga, vans, converse and other canvas sneakers knows no boundaries! Some are “slutty” (we have fucked or fucked other in them!) and some are just meant to be kept pristine for my viewing pleasure…
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    Keds Extremely Sweaty White Canvas Keds Slip-ons

    Drove a friend of a friend to the city for an appointment. She was a tall tanned brunette with long hair, dressed in a cute top and boyfriend jeans paired with white canvas slip-on Keds champions. I took some candid shots of her shoes while we were waiting for the office to open and I noticed...
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