jizzed chucks

  1. converselover110

    Cummed on Harley Quinn chucks.

    Image Adult rated Cummed Kicks 
    Had some fun with these women's size 8 Harley Quinn chucks I pulled down from storage. As always got another shot on the toecap.
  2. converselover110

    Really liked my new pink chuck mules

    Image Adult rated Cummed Kicks 
    Recently got a step closer to getting non-dainty chuck mules in all the colors they were originally produced in (just need magenta, purple, and maybe a lighter pink?) Saw a good converse pic that got me excited so decided to greet my newest playthings and leaving a gift on my favorite part to...
  3. converselover110

    Some fun with chucks tonight

    Image Adult rated Cummed Kicks 
    Got a little hirny and wanted to pull out some sneakers to okay with tonight. Hope you guys enjoy!