1. K

    Keds Poll Silver or White

    Do anyone miss the white eyelets in the traditional keds sneakers. I for one do not like the silver eyelets they rust too easy, and they make them look cheap...
  2. ChampFan

    Keds G-Rated Alert Keds sighting on "For All Mankind!"

    nice clean sighting on Season 3 Ep. 2
  3. T

    Keds G-Rated New product line at JCP
  4. tidybowler

    G-Rated Image Assorted Sneaker Photos

    I've been inspired by all the excellent photos I've seen on the various sneaker forums, so I thought I'd share some of my own. The attached photos were taken by me over the past few years; since these are all candids, I won't show any faces or other identifying information. I have a bunch more...
  5. T

    Keds Image Black & Whites

    I come across so many of these vintage pics, I thought I'd start a new thread
  6. Cybertosh

    Keds G-Rated Image School Mascots Wearing Keds

    Sadly not as common as wearing Converse but still quite a sight.
  7. sneakermanjake

    Keds Request Vintage Sneaker Content

    I didn't come of viewing age until 2010ish and didn't have consistent internet access until a few years after that, so I feel like I might have missed some awesome sneaker content from back before I was looking for it. For example, Pam and Eve's websites were basically dead by the time I came...
  8. Speedy120

    Keds G-Rated Image Nothing can top ...

    ... the simple beauty of a pair of Keds.
  9. C

    Keds G-Rated Unboxing my brand new Korean keds

    Keds is doing a strong marketing campaign in Korea. Their Instagram account is full of videos,…By the pictures I realized that the champions are slightly different so I hired a Korean address and I bought a new pair. As you can see by the pictures they still have that horrible tiny label...
  10. K

    Keds Adult I’m gay into Keds

    This is personal but I live In Australia in Sydney am 25 and really enjoy wearing Keds and like gay men so if you know any fellows with similar interests happy to join. Also I’m into bondage as well.
  11. C

    Keds Image Walk in the Aussie winter sunshine

  12. O

    Keds Adult Image Sally DAngelo

    She has profiles on both sites of OnlyFans and Sextpather and she will wear keds for you on request
  13. J

    Keds Update My Wife stretching out before doing dirty deeds

    Starting to get the into the pics and vids! Picked up some light purple JP converse and black lace less converse at the bogo half off sale at converse outlet. Got requests leave em here or PM. Got keds, chucks, Brookes, flats and cheer shoes. Socks skirts and yoga pants etc. Vids to come soon...
  14. K

    Keds Image Are Keds Champion slip-ons now unisex?

    I finally got a pair of white canvas Keds Champion slip-ons in the New Years to wear outside and replace a pair of cheap Chinese canvas slip ons whose stitching is unraveling. When I compared them with one of those blue cheap Chinese slip-ons which are sold as Men’s (sizes are men’s only), I...
  15. Seeker

    For Sale T-Strap Keds 8.5

    Click here to purchase now.
  16. Seeker

    For Sale Stone Keds 8.5

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  17. Seeker

    For Sale Japanese Keds Samples 11m

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  18. Seeker

    For Sale Purple Keds 12m

    Click here to purchase now
  19. Seeker

    For Sale Champion Ox Needle Toe 10n

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  20. Seeker

    For Sale White Keds 12m

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