1. ChampFan

    Keds G-Rated Random Keds Pictures

    Some Random pics i've collected.
  2. T

    Keds G-Rated Kohl's

    Yesterday I was strolling through Kohl's (while wife was shopping) and was looking at picture frames. In one collage type frame, one of the images in it was a close up of keds style sneakers. Unfortunately the image would not attach, but you can easily find it in a search of Kohl's picture frames
  3. K

    Keds G-Rated Video Grease prequel “Rise of the Pink Ladies”

    Looks really promising and it is a series on Paramount. Set in the 1950s and it everything that Keds fan loves.
  4. ChampFan

    Keds G-Rated Keds in public

    Was out yesterday and what should I see? My fave on a pretty lady.. The others I took at a grocery store a while ago ..enjoy
  5. C

    Converse G-Rated Anyone in London or NYC?

    Hey everyone, I'm traveling from NYC to London a couple times in the coming months. Can bring a couple pair of my wife's converse/keds and our home videos of her wearing them. Would be fun to meet up with someone to enjoy them. DM me
  6. tidybowler

    G-Rated Image Various Sockless Sneakers From The Internet

    Here are some recent finds, mostly from Tumblr and Pinterest...apologies if any of these duplicate previous posts! -- PART 1 --
  7. T

    Keds G-Rated Swing & Lindy Hop pics

    Was perusing a bunch of sites to find these
  8. T

    Keds Adult Coming Of Age

    This is the story of Tommy and Dee. The year is 1967. The times are changing, for some more slowly than others. The sexual revolution was underway full steam in the bigger cities but in this small mid-western town it was only starting. It was almost Memorial Day and everyone at the local high...
  9. T

    Keds G-Rated The price is right I saw the very end of this show on 10/25/22 and noticed the big winner was wearing blue or black Keds champs. Not much to see in this clip but if you want to stream the whole show...
  10. K

    Dunlop/Plimsoll Adult Girlfriend’s Canvas Plimsolls Candid

    Girlfriend left her canvas plimsolls in the bathroom while she painted her nails. These are the laceless slip-on style ones which she always wears without socks. The insoles are grimy with toe imprints and sweat from her bare feet with a slightly moist and sweaty foot odor. She usually wears...
  11. tidybowler

    Adult Image Riley Reid Sneaker Pics

    Porn Queen Riley Reid has shown amazing longevity -- over a decade in the business and she's still immensely popular (Pornhub currently ranks her #4). I've found many Sneaker-Groups posts with Riley Reid content, going back to 2012 (early in her career). With that in mind, I imagine there are...
  12. T

    Keds G-Rated Article M*A*S*H

    In the 9/4/22 edition of Parade magazine there was an article about the TV show. They mentioned that for shooting, they couldn't wear the inform army boots because they would be too loud and ruin the filming. So they all wore sneakers and the camera men only shot them from the waist up. It...
  13. K

    Keds Adult Mens Keds

    Does anyone have any mens keds? Or anyone looking to trade?
  14. M

    For Sale Vintage Keds Size 8/8.5

    Happy Friday! I have a few vintage (1990’s) Keds for sale on Poshmark. Two pairs size Womens 8 and an 8.5. Should be able or search for them pretty easily.
  15. K

    Keds Poll Silver or White

    Do anyone miss the white eyelets in the traditional keds sneakers. I for one do not like the silver eyelets they rust too easy, and they make them look cheap...
  16. ChampFan

    Keds G-Rated Alert Keds sighting on "For All Mankind!"

    nice clean sighting on Season 3 Ep. 2
  17. T

    Keds G-Rated New product line at JCP
  18. tidybowler

    G-Rated Image Assorted Sneaker Photos

    I've been inspired by all the excellent photos I've seen on the various sneaker forums, so I thought I'd share some of my own. The attached photos were taken by me over the past few years; since these are all candids, I won't show any faces or other identifying information. I have a bunch more...
  19. T

    Keds Image Black & Whites

    I come across so many of these vintage pics, I thought I'd start a new thread
  20. Cybertosh

    Keds G-Rated Image School Mascots Wearing Keds

    Sadly not as common as wearing Converse but still quite a sight.