1. J

    Update My Wife stretching out before doing dirty deeds

    Starting to get the into the pics and vids! Picked up some light purple JP converse and black lace less converse at the bogo half off sale at converse outlet. Got requests leave em here or PM. Got keds, chucks, Brookes, flats and cheer shoes. Socks skirts and yoga pants etc. Vids to come soon...
  2. K

    Keds Image Are Keds Champion slip-ons now unisex?

    I finally got a pair of white canvas Keds Champion slip-ons in the New Years to wear outside and replace a pair of cheap Chinese canvas slip ons whose stitching is unraveling. When I compared them with one of those blue cheap Chinese slip-ons which are sold as Men’s (sizes are men’s only), I...
  3. Seeker

    For Sale T-Strap Keds 8.5

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  4. Seeker

    For Sale Stone Keds 8.5

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  5. Seeker

    For Sale Japanese Keds Samples 11m

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  6. Seeker

    For Sale Purple Keds 12m

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  7. Seeker

    For Sale Champion Ox Needle Toe 10n

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  8. Seeker

    For Sale White Keds 12m

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  9. Seeker

    For Sale Keds Surfer

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  10. Seeker

    For Sale Needle Toe Keds

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    For Sale X-large Navy Keds

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  12. Seeker

    For Sale Red Keds

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  13. Seeker

    Sold X-large Denium Keds

  14. Seeker

    Sold White Leather Keds

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  15. Seeker

    Keds Image Mixture

    I'm drive cleaning. These may all be dupes hopefully not.
  16. Seeker

    Keds Image Vintage Catalog Pic's

    A mixture from Sears, JC Penny, and Montgomery & Ward.
  17. sneakermanjake

    Request Snapchat

    Any of you other keds (or vans, converse, superga, etc) lovers use snapchat? If you do, please add me! @jakeoinkle
  18. L

    Keds Video Hot Keds Piss Video

    Does anybody has got this hot keds piss video ? Piss Worshipping my White Keds for Chris - Pornhub
  19. Seeker

    Keds Image New Finds

    I have a bunch to post here are the first few.
  20. K

    Keds Image Extremely Sweaty White Canvas Keds Slip-ons

    Drove a friend of a friend to the city for an appointment. She was a tall tanned brunette with long hair, dressed in a cute top and boyfriend jeans paired with white canvas slip-on Keds champions. I took some candid shots of her shoes while we were waiting for the office to open and I noticed...