1. K

    Keds G-Rated Video Camp Cucamonga 1990s

    Cheesey camp movie, but great shots of keds and keds knockoffs. Sorry for the quality of the video
  2. ChampFan

    Keds G-Rated Video Used Leather Keds Video

    Upcycle vid . Again, I'm hoping this is not a repeat. OMG she is totally hot with very beautiful feet.
  3. ChampFan

    Keds G-Rated Video Used Keds Video

    I hope I didn't find something everyone has already. I think she is devine .. cute champs and perfect toes.
  4. ChampFan

    Keds G-Rated An Oldie From College - University of Delaware

    Found this one from back in the day. No phone cameras back then.
  5. K

    Keds Adult Keds for sale?

    Hi I’m willing to pay for shipping of any any white or blue Keds and price too. Anyone willing to sell?i
  6. ChampFan

    Keds G-Rated Street Keds: On the go in Colorado

    Found this lovely lady in Boulder, Co
  7. K

    Keds G-Rated New nubby insole on Chillax?

    This new style of Chillax at Nordstrom has a new type of insole. It looks really nubby - kinda like you find in Crocs. Very strange! I wonder if all chillaxes will go this way...
  8. Sneakerwife1990

    Keds G-Rated More wife in Keds

    I’m excited that we have started taking photos again
  9. Sneakerwife1990

    Keds Adult Wife crushing pie in her white Keds.

    We had quite a few requests on our other pages for crush videos so here are some thumbnails from my wife crushing a pie.
  10. Sneakerwife1990


    Sometimes I love dressing up cute in my keds and playing with my wife.
  11. Sneakerwife1990

    Keds Adult Misc of wife in keds.

    Just some randoms of her in keds. All these pics are a year or so old and now we plan on taking better quality pictures. Poses and scenarios would be appreciated! For now we will not show nudity but plan on delivering the idea that we still have the fetish to meet your needs.
  12. Sneakerwife1990

    Keds G-Rated Wife in her old stained white keds

    I love these keds. They have been used as a gag for us for years as I’m really into licking sneakers.
  13. Sneakerwife1990

    Keds Adult More of wife in her keds

    Here are more old ones of my wife with newer pics coming!
  14. Sneakerwife1990

    Keds Adult My wife wearing her white canvas keds

    She loves wearing her white canvas keds
  15. ChampFan

    Keds G-Rated Image Keds Blogger Pics

    If you search "Keds Blogger" there are tons of pics to be had! I like this girl that has a Blog Named "Poor Little It Girl" and she love, love, loves her keds! Very petite , cute, and wears a lot of outfits with her sneaks. The last other pics I found searching "Keds Blogger" as well.
  16. H

    Keds Adult Questions

    Hey Fellas, I usually stay pretty quiet and then randomly get drunk and give an update. Not sure where I last left off, but I think it was a milf that was into wearing Keds. She claims that she had a white sneaker fetish since high school. She wanted to keep her adidas shell toes as fresh as...
  17. KrushedUnderKeds

    Wanted Blue and green Keds Champs

    In search of two pairs of Keds in size 11. One pair in green and one pair in light blue with the solid blue labels. My girl loves wearing them and has pairs in white, black, navy, red, and the ligh denim/ chambray colors but is hoping I can find these colors specifically soon.
  18. ChampFan

    Keds G-Rated Random Keds Pictures

    Some Random pics i've collected.
  19. T

    Keds G-Rated Kohl's

    Yesterday I was strolling through Kohl's (while wife was shopping) and was looking at picture frames. In one collage type frame, one of the images in it was a close up of keds style sneakers. Unfortunately the image would not attach, but you can easily find it in a search of Kohl's picture frames