low tops

  1. tidybowler

    Cruel Summer

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    In the first Season 2 episode of this Freeform YA series, lead character Megan (Sadie Stanley) wears what appear to be genuine Chucks (although I can't see any brand labels) in every scene of the Summer 1999 timeline (the show bounces between three different time periods). No good closeups...
  2. tidybowler

    Blockbuster (Netflix TV Series)

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    This recently-added workplace comedy airing on Netflix (reminiscent of Superstore) features Randall Park (Fresh Off The Boat) and JB Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm). I think it's pretty funny, and it also includes various sneaker shots. As is typical of sitcoms, there aren't any lingering...
  3. tidybowler

    Tonya In & Out Of Chucks

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    Scotty's recent post of the girl in her car wearing red lo tops reminded me of this classic Coed Feet video from a long time ago (it was available on Pornhub prior to the 2020 purge). Unfortunately the Sneaker Groups server can't currently process the 5:32 clip for uploading, so these screen...
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