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    G-Rated 1960's MILF wearing a dress and sneakers (Keds, Vans, Superga) - AI generated

    AI adjusted memories of the good old days
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    G-Rated AI generated business women wearing sneakers while walking to work

    Tried for Keds, but got some Superga and Vans types too
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    Image Canvas Sneaker Daddy and his sluts collection…

    My sluts collection of keds. Superga, vans, converse and other canvas sneakers knows no boundaries! Some are “slutty” (we have fucked or fucked other in them!) and some are just meant to be kept pristine for my viewing pleasure…
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    Can anyone tell me this brand of sneakers from my description?

    Hi, I was in a restaurant yesterday in London and a sexy lady walked past me wearing a brand new pair of sneakers I did not recoqnise. They are very close in appearance to Superga black canvas platform 2740 . There was a black 3cm square logo on the heel with white lettering. I thought I saw...
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    Athletic Types Holey Moley - Season 4, ep 4

    Lots of converse and a pair of Superga Always funny when they put tape over the brand labels
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    Athletic Types Bad Sister's on Apple +

    The character Bibi wears black (leather?) Superga sneakers in most episodes. These pics are from Season 1, episode 5
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    Athletic Types Superga - Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness | Dream

    Looks like Wanda is wearing Superga in the new Doctor Strange movie. This is from the trailer on YouTube: Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness | Dream
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    Superga Emily Ratajkowski - Superga

    The website for has a few pics and video of Emily Ratajkowski's new work with Superga.
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    Converse Types Netflix: Kissing Booth series

    A series of 3 recent movies with a number of up-close shots. There are plenty of Chucks in all three with closeups on both high tops and low tops, and the first one has some white Superga's with closeups.
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    Superga Used Superga from Girl

    I found them on ebay
  11. Seeker

    Superga Fashion Pics

    Loving these sneakers.
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