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    Can anyone tell me this brand of sneakers from my description?

    Hi, I was in a restaurant yesterday in London and a sexy lady walked past me wearing a brand new pair of sneakers I did not recoqnise. They are very close in appearance to Superga black canvas platform 2740 . There was a black 3cm square logo on the heel with white lettering. I thought I saw...
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    Holey Moley - Season 4, ep 4

    Athletic Types Converse Types 
    Lots of converse and a pair of Superga Always funny when they put tape over the brand labels
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    Bad Sister's on Apple +

    Athletic Types 
    The character Bibi wears black (leather?) Superga sneakers in most episodes. These pics are from Season 1, episode 5
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    Superga - Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness | Dream

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    Looks like Wanda is wearing Superga in the new Doctor Strange movie. This is from the trailer on YouTube: Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness | Dream
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    Emily Ratajkowski - Superga

    G-Rated Superga 
    The website for has a few pics and video of Emily Ratajkowski's new work with Superga.
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    Netflix: Kissing Booth series

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    A series of 3 recent movies with a number of up-close shots. There are plenty of Chucks in all three with closeups on both high tops and low tops, and the first one has some white Superga's with closeups.
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    Used Superga from Girl

    Image Superga 
    I found them on ebay
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    Fashion Pics

    Image Superga 
    Loving these sneakers.