1. converselover110

    Cumming on 90s "city limits" sneakers

    Got these sexy fun sbeakers off of ebay, and am excited to be getting some of my sneaker grails lately. Got really horny this weekend and had to play with my newest member of my "play" ccollection.
  2. Seeker

    For Sale Champion Ox Needle Toe 10n

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  3. Seeker

    For Sale Keds Surfer

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  4. Seeker

    For Sale Needle Toe Keds

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  5. Seeker

    Keds Image Mixture

    I'm drive cleaning. These may all be dupes hopefully not.
  6. Seeker

    Keds Image Vintage Catalog Pic's

    A mixture from Sears, JC Penny, and Montgomery & Ward.