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After School Part 1, 2, 3


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Jun 12, 2003
After School

Part 1 - Mf - teacher/teen

Tue, 15 Apr 1997 19:58:26 GMT


The following story describes GRAPHIC SEXUAL situations which are INTENDED TO BE READ BY ADULTS ONLY.

MR. DOUBLE is the Poster, the Author NOT.

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Susie Merton was a typical school girl. She was very aggressive when it came to sex, but looked and played the part of a typical teenage schoolgirl. She loved the deception of innocence her outfits gave. She usually wore skirts, either plaid or plain, a nice feminine blouse or T-shirt, either kneesocks or the dainty lacy socks and her white Keds. When the bell finally sounded Susie Merton sighed with relief. She liked school and she was a good student, but it had been a long afternoon. Her pussy had started to itch during English, and she had been squirming about in her seat all through History. She looked up at Mr. Thompson, her history teacher, always so proper and respectable in his blazer and flannels. Wednesday was the only day Susie had him for her last class, and it seemed to her that he always looked especially proper on those days. Catching his eye turned in her direction she smiled, only to see him flush and turn quickly away. The other students filed out quickly. Susie lingered and approached the teacher's desk as if to ask a question.

"Mr. Thompson, I have this problem."

"Yes, Miss Merton. What is it?"

His reply was almost choked, for he knew what was coming. It was the same every Wednesday. The young girl set her textbooks down on his desk and stood beside him, on the side opposite the classroom door.

"It's this. I just can't get it into my head," Susie said, her right hand reaching out boldly to squeeze the teacher's crotch. Fred Thompson gasped but did not move away. She was happy to feel that his prick was already half-erect, and jerking under her hand. The classroom was empty though the door was still open, but Mr. Thompson's back was turned towards the hallway and Susie was almost completely hidden from any passers-by. She had a firm grip on his swelling cock now, squeezing it warmly through his impeccable flannels.

"It's just so hard to swallow something like this," she whispered, giving it an extra squeeze. It was a lie. In fact Susie loved to swallow her history teacher's cock, and had been enthusiastically doing so since the second week of school. Mr. Thompson's prick seemed just made for sucking, unlike those of some of her other teachers. It was not too big, but it had a large round knob on the end that fit right into Susie's mouth like a ripe, juicy plum.

Deftly she worked his zipper down and slid her hand into his fly. Mr. Thompson now wore boxer shorts, at least on Wednesdays, though he hadn't at first. Susie remembered how much trouble she had had the first time she had tried to extricate his half-swollen cock from his pants. But this time it popped out easily, as if eager for what was to come. More eager than its owner it seemed. Mr. Thompson gulped noisily.

"Uh . . . Uh , the door, Miss Merton. Shouldn't we . . . ? Susie usually gave him a chance to shut the door, but today she couldn't wait to taste his prick, and she liked the excitement of knowing that they might be discovered at any time.

Greedily she spread her lips over the red knob of his now completely stiff cock, kissing it with familiar affection. Then she began to lick at it avidly. The teacher instinctively pushed forward with his hips and that big round morsel slipped easily between Susie's welcoming lips. He gripped her head and began to push it in and out of her mouth, but timidly, with short hesitant strokes, while Susie sucked vigorously. Footsteps echoed in the hall. Mr. Thompson froze, his cock planted deep in Susie's mouth.

"Please, Miss Merton . . . Susan! Oh God! Someone's coming. Stop it, please. We can't. Not here."

Frantically he tried to push the young schoolgirl away from his crotch, but Susie would have none of it. She bit down with her teeth—not hard enough to hurt him but firmly enough to remind him that she could if she wanted. With her teeth pressed firmly against the flesh of his trembling shaft, it was impossible for him to pull its swollen knob through them. Susie was not going to give up her lollipop no matter who was coming.

The footsteps paused at the doorway. A cheery female voice called out:

"Good night, Fred. Working late?" It was Miss Renwick, the principal's secretary. Susie knew that she was trying to seduce Mr. Thompson. All the girls whispered about it in the washroom. Mr. Thompson turned his head, looking awkwardly over his shoulder. His body was held in position by Susie's tenacious mouth on his cock.

"Uh, oh, yes. Miss . . . uh . . Renwick. Some things I have to finish up."

"You're too dedicated, Fred. You should relax and have some fun sometime too."

Susie began to move her head slightly, rubbing her tongue over the round head of Fred Thompson's cock, still careful not to let him pull out. She was very excited. While she had often been watched while she sucked or fucked, this was different because it was secret. She could just imagine the furor that would ensue if they were discovered. Mr. Thompson must have been imagining the same thing, for his once-hard cock had begun to wilt in her mouth. Susie was determined to remedy that situation and she went to work with her tongue. Seeing that Fred Thompson, for some strange reason, was not even going to turn and look at her, Louise Renwick stomped off, peeved and puzzled.

As soon as she had gone Susie began sucking in earnest on her teacher's cock. He was so dazed and frightened by their close call that he hardly moved. But Susie didn't mind that. She was quite willing to do all the work when it came to sex, for it seemed to her impossible that the other person or persons could be experiencing even a tiny fraction of the indescribable pleasure she drew from her sexual acts. She was even grateful that men like Mr. Thompson let her suck on their cocks almost whenever she wanted. So, in taking her pleasure, she tried to give them as much in return as she could, even though she knew it could not possibly match hers.

Her tongue and lips had done their work well and now the teacher's hips were again thrusting forward to meet her as she plunged her mouth down his throbbing shaft. The huge knob pushed its way into her throat, stretching it even more than men with much larger cocks did. Susie could hardly wait to feel the hot, sweet jets of his come spurting into her belly.

"Ohhh! Miss . . Oh my God! Susan, Ooooh! this is madness! Anyone could come!"

Especially us, thought Susie to herself as with a final burst of suction she brought her teacher to a tremendous climax. He moaned and clutched her head, pulling her against him, finally giving way to his passion as his come poured into her mouth. Susie held his spurting cock

prisoner within the velvet trap of her mouth and gulped down every drop of that wonderful liquid. She continued sucking gently even after it was all gone, feeling his once proud prick shrink between her lips. Finally she let the limp organ slip out of her mouth. Mr. Thompson quickly stuffed it back into his pants.

"Susan, this is mad! Why are you tormenting me like this? It can't go on this way. Not here, in the school. Why won't you come home with me instead. Louise Renwick almost caught us there. You should have at least waited for me to close the door. It would have been the end. My job. My career."

"Your cock!" Susie replied, laughing and licking her lips. "But I couldn't wait, Mr. Thompson. Every Wednesday afternoon I get so horny thinking about your prick. Then I just have to have it right away. Besides, maybe Miss Renwick wouldn't have been as shocked as you think. She might even have wanted to be in my place."

But Fred Thompson wasn't listening. The pressure in his balls was gone and all he wanted now was to get away from the school quickly before someone asked him what he was doing in an empty classroom after hours with a nubile young junior-high student. He grabbed his books and rushed for the safety of the teachers' room, telling himself that he must put a stop to it, but knowing that he would be there again after school next Wednesday. It was madness but he couldn't resist what little Susie and her talented mouth could do for him.

Susie watched him hurry away, smiling with amusement. It was always like this, but she didn't feel offended. She had got what she wanted from him. Her pussy still itched but she had the delicious taste of sperm in her mouth to savor until she could find someone to poke his prick

between her legs. That wouldn't take long, she knew; it never did. Licking her lips one last time, Susie gathered up her books and stepped out into the hallway, almost bumping into the janitor who was sweeping the floor with a push broom. He was a small, elderly man, little more than half the height of the broom.

Vito Mascalla was his name. He hardly spoke English, but three of his children were attending university. He was a quiet little man, gray-haired and gentle, and Susie liked him very much. She often stopped to chat with him about his family. He frowned on seeing a student there so late; it usually meant some prank was going to be played. But when he recognized Susie his face brightened and he smiled like a delighted child.

"Oh Miss Susie. Hello. You are good?"

Very good! thought Susie, though some people might call it bad.

"Hi, Mr. Mascalla. How's everything? Come stai?"

"Bene, bene, grazie. I mean very good. My son Rico, he just get marry."

"I know. You told me. Last week, wasn't it? Did he go away on a honeymoon?"

"Away? Yes, to Italy. To my village. But I got pictures of wedding. You like to see, Miss Susie?"

"I'd love to Mr. Mascalla."

"They just downstairs. You come. I show."

He set down his broom and headed towards the stairs. Susie followed, a bit reluctantly. She had hoped that he would have the pictures with him. Now it would be a little longer before she could find someone to scratch the itch in her pussy. But she was really pleased to see the little old man so happy and she wanted to share his joy with him.

As she followed the janitor down the two flights of stairs to his corner in the boiler-room, Susie found herself suddenly thinking about Vito Mascalla in quite different terms than before. She thought of his three sons and four daughters; she remembered that his wife had died last year. He had fathered at least seven children. Now he was alone.

He had a cock. Susie suddenly decided that she wanted it. It surprised her that she hadn't thought of having him fuck her already. There were very few men in the school that she had missed, but she was sure this oversight would soon be remedied. They finally arrived at the little corner the janitor had fitted up as an "office". Innumerable pictures of his family filled the wall over the bare and rickety table that served as a desk. Beside it was a heap of plastic garbage bags stuffed with some of the waste paper generated by a school.

The janitor proudly pulled out a small photo album and handed it to Susie. As she leafed through it, uttering the appropriate admiring comments, she noted that it was already well-thumbed. Vito Mascalla beamed with pride and joy.

"She is very beautiful, your son's wife. He is very lucky. And your son is very handsome too. But you look best of all in your new suit, Mr. Mascalla."

"Yes, it new. Just for wedding. How you know, Miss Susie?"

"I can see that you weren’t comfortable in it. It was too tight here, wasn't it?"

To the old man's shock and amazement, Susie—that sweet little girl—reached out and pressed her hand over his crotch. He tried to jump back but he was caught in front of the desk and couldn't escape her determined hand. She maintained the pressure, moving her fingers down until she cupped his balls. He could hardly speak.

"Miss Susie! What you do? No! No! Not nice. Don't, please."

"Oh, but it is nice, Mr. Mascalla. Your prick. I can feel that it's very nice. You made all your children with it, and now your son is using his and putting it inside his wife to make grandchildren for you. Wouldn't you like to put it in me, too, like you used to put it in your wife, like your son is doing right now with his new wife? I'd like it very much, Mr. Mascalla. Won't you do it just for me?"

She was squeezing his cock now and rubbing her hands all over the bulge of flesh at his crotch. The poor old man was frightened to death. Susie released her hold on his prick and quickly pulled her T-shirt up over her head. She wore no bra. Then she pushed her short skirt down and wriggled out of it, making her round, young titties bounce. Only her tiny pink bikini panties, frilly socks and white Keds remained. In a few seconds her panties were on the floor on top of the skirt.

The janitor was incredulous. Never would he have believed it. He didn't even believe it now; it couldn't be happening. This must all be some strange joke or dream. Such a beautiful and sweet little girl, naked except for her size 6 Keds in front of him. And she had touched his cazzo, like a putana, a whore, but she wasn't one. She was the nicest person in the school. His confused mind couldn't reconcile these two opposites.

"Here, Mr. Mascalla, don't these feel nice. They're only small now, but soon they'll be bigger and you can feel them then too. Your hands feel so good on me."

She had taken his trembling hands and pressed them against her titties. They were not at all small, and for a thirteen-year old girl they were remarkably full and fleshy. His hands just lay there, unmoving, pressing against her erecting nipples. Susie took advantage of the old man's shock to reach down and undo his belt with her skilled and practiced fingers. Doing so pushed her titties harder against his palms. She was pleased to feel some resistance. He was pushing back, at least a little. In a few seconds the old man's trousers fell to the floor. A moment later Susie was pushing his underwear down his thighs. His cock hung limply, still in shock, but the young girl was delighted to see it. It was huge. Almost as fat as his arm, maybe even thicker, even though it was still soft. It looked so strange hanging from such a small man.

"Oh, Mr. Mascalla! It's lovely! You have such a beautiful prick. No wonder you have such fine children. Oh, if only I'd known I would have done this long ago. Why didn't you tell me? Oh, if only you knew how much I love cocks like yours!"

She knelt quickly on the floor in front of the little man, took his cock in her hands, and planted a big smacking kiss right on its head.

"Oh no! Oh Miss Susie. Don't, please! No. Not good. Not right. Is a sin."

Never had anything like this ever happened to him. It was unnatural, it was sick, the very idea of kissing a cazzo. Only putanas did that. He couldn't let this little girl do such an awful thing, even if it did send a surge of excitement through his frail body. But Susie paid him no attention. She wrapped her young lips around his swelling cock-head and, under her expert oral ministrations, his enormous organ slowly began to swell even larger. She paused from time to time to whisper her admiration and to talk about the children he had made with it. That seemed to stimulate something deep inside him, for she felt his cock jerk and throb each time she spoke, and it was always a little harder and a little bigger when she took it back in her mouth again.

Susie couldn't wait any longer. The itch in her pussy was turning into an unbearable ache. She just had to have this wonderful prick inside her. With her hands tightly locked around the shaft of the janitor's now almost gigantic cock, she pulled him with her as she moved backwards towards the piles of garbage bags.

"Come here! Please, Mr. Mascalla. Put your big cock in me like you used to put it in your wife, like your son is doing to his wife now. I want you to do it so much, Mr. Mascalla. Please give me your cock."

She fell back onto the mattress of garbage bags, pulling his frail body with her. His pants were still around his ankles and he tripped and fell on top of her. Susie groaned as his giant club slammed against her belly while his face landed on the tender mass of her titties. She quickly reached down with one hand to position his great tool where it would do the most good for her, while her other arm wrapped around his neck, pressing his face into her breast. When his cockhead was positioned at the mouth of her hungry pussy, it seemed to sink right in, slowly and naturally, with no effort on his part. In a moment Susie felt it buried deep within her and she sighed in glorious contentment. She hadn't had a cock in her pussy since her Chemistry teacher had fucked her in the lab store-room at lunch time. She lifted her legs wrapping them around Mr. Mascalla. She locked her Keds together and pulled the janitor's long cock even further into her, squeezing his throbbing shaft with her caressing cunt muscles. Then she whispered in his ear.

"Love me now, Mr. Mascalla. Love me with your prick. Fuck me with your big cock!"

Something inside the little man's mind snapped, some bond of restraint. Suddenly he was once more the young peasant who had wooed and won the prettiest girl in his village. With a groan of anguished pleasure he pulled back and began to drive his great pole into Susie's welcoming cunt, sinking right to the balls each time. His energy and strength amazed the young girl, and she exploded into climax after climax as he pounded his prick into her. He was muttering in Italian as his giant cock spoke to her happy pussy in the international language of fucking. Finally, with a strangled cry he slammed deep inside her and began to spurt great jets of come into her belly, deep, so deep that she thought it would mix with Mr. Thompson's juices still glowing warmly at the pit of her stomach. Then the old man collapsed on top of her, panting and sobbing into her sweaty titties. Susie held him gently until his breathing calmed, murmuring her appreciation in his ear.

"Oh you wonderful man! That was so nice! Your cock filled me up so good. Now that I know how good you are I just want to do it over and over again with you. I hope you'll let me, Mr. Mascalla."

The bewildered janitor could say nothing. Susie gently rolled him off of her and, as she always did, bent to lick his shrinking cock, cleaning up their mingled juices and greedily sucking up the last few drops of gism that still oozed from its tip.

"Miss Susie, I . . ."

"No, don't say anything, Mr. Mascalla. It was wonderful. You did me such a big favour. I hope it was as nice for you."

She stood up, standing in only her socks and Keds, free, and lovely in the dim light of the boiler-room. The old man watched her in bewildered admiration as she dressed. As she started to pull on her panties, she had second thoughts. They would only get in the way, she said to herself. For a long time her mother had been surprised at how quickly Susie's panties seemed to disappear from the lingerie drawer. Whenever she could, Susie liked to go without them, and she didn't always remember to stuff them into her purse or pocket when she took them off. And often she liked to leave them behind as souvenirs. This she did now, draping them over Mr. Mascalla's lovely prick before she kissed him good-bye and hurried away. She would be back again soon to see this dear little old man with the big prick, but now she was looking for other adventures before she had to be home for supper.

Susie reminded herself to stop at Pop MacIntosh's variety store before he closed. Pop carried everything in his cluttered store, including some lingerie. Susie had an agreement with him to supply her with panties whenever she needed them to appease her mother's curiosity. Pop had even ordered in a whole gross of Susie's brand of panties especially for her, but they were fast disappearing. While a happy and satisfied Susie climbed the stairs from the cellar she heard voices in the hallway above.

"Just look at that broom lying there, Thompson. Marcella's gone off and just dropped everything. I almost killed myself on the damn thing. Have you seen him anywhere?"

"The janitor? No, I haven't. He must be downstairs."

"Well, I'm going to find him and give him a piece of my mind. If this sort of thing happens again, I'll talk to the Superintendent and get rid of the little bastard. You go along, Fred, I'm going down to the boiler-room to look for him. Have a good night."

"Good night, sir."

Susie easily recognized the voices. It was Mr. Thompson and Mr. Cummings, the vice-principal. Susie was worried. She certainly did not want Mr. Cummings to find the janitor half-undressed in his corner, but above all she did not want anything bad to happen to him, especially after what he had just done for her. Fortunately it was the vice-principal who had tripped over the broom. She knew exactly how to handle him. The vice-principal started down the stairs with the

abandoned broom in his hands. He stopped when he caught sight of Susie.

"Young lady, have you seen the janitor?"

"No sir, Mr. Cummings."

"Oh, it's you, Miss Merton. I didn't recognize you."

His voice took on a curious tone. He looked back over his shoulder to see if Fred Thompson was still there.

"Please, sir. I need to see you. It's important. It's about last week."

George Cummings gulped nervously. He well remembered last week. Ever since, he had been alternately kicking himself for having been so indiscreet, or relishing the memory of what had happened in his office. Susie had come to see him for some reason he couldn't remember and somehow—he still wasn't sure exactly how it had happened—he had soon found himself with his cock inside the young girl, screwing her on his desk. Though often tempted, it was the first time he had ever succumbed to the seductiveness of the nubile young flesh with which he was constantly surrounded.

But no one had ever been as nubile or seductive as Susie. He had never seen anything like her combination of girlish innocence and searing eroticism. Now he was really worried. What did she have to say to him? She couldn't be pregnant; it was much too early to know that. Maybe she had told her parents. Maybe she was going to demand money to keep quiet about it. You never could tell with these little bitches. But, oh it had been so sweet. His cock surged at the thought. He stood still with countless nameless fears running through his head, and a current of sexual energy through his body.

Susie continued up the stairs until she was standing just a few steps below him. Her face was right at his crotch level. For the third time in little more than half an hour she reached out and squeezed a man's prick through his pants.

"I want it again, sir. I want your cock in me again."

Cummings felt a surge of lust shoot through him. His cock stiffened and he breathed a sigh of heartfelt relief at discovering that she wasn't here to cry or complain or try to blackmail him, as had once happened with one of his colleagues. At the same time he looked around nervously, afraid that someone might see or hear. Susie squeezed again at the stiffening flesh in his pants, remembering how it had felt in her. It was thin, but oh so long, and hard, just like a broom-handle. She looked again at the broom he was holding, trying to imagine it inside her. Cummings turned abruptly, still holding onto the broom.

"Not here, you hot-assed little bitch. Quick, in my office!"

Susie contentedly followed him down the hallway. Everything had worked perfectly; Mr. Mascalla was safe for the time being and she was going to get fucked again. As soon as they were behind his office door, the vice-principal set the broom down and tried to embrace her. Susie squirmed away. She didn't even like the man—he was the school disciplinarian—so she was certainly not going to kiss him; but she did like his cock and would gladly kiss it. Besides, she wanted to tease him a bit.

"I want to see it again, Mr. Cummings. I want to kiss it, too. Your cock. Show me your cock, please, Mr. Cummings. Hurry. I can't wait."

"Don't worry, you little cunt. You'll see it soon enough, and feel it, too. So last week wasn't enough, eh? You want more?"

"I always want more, Mr. Cummings," said Susie sweetly and truthfully.

Frantically Cummings began stripping off his clothes, slowing himself down in his haste, catching his shoes in his trouser legs. He was completely under her erotic spell again. While she watched him struggle, Susie sat calmly in his chair, behind the desk where he had screwed her the week before. She threw up her skirt and spread her legs, giving him a perfect view of her dewy pussy lips, still swollen from Mr. Mascalla's fucking. The sight made it even more difficult for him.

"Shit! You're really going to get it, you little bitch!"

Idly, almost casually, Susie reached out and grabbed the broom the vice-principal had leaned against the desk when they came in. She swung it round, almost hitting him in the process, until it lay in front of her. Then slowly, deliberately, she pulled the end of the handle to her gleaming slit, rubbing it up and down until it to shone with her juices, then pushing it inch by inch into her bottomless pussy.

"Oh my! Hurry up, please, Mr. Cummings. I want your cock in me again, not this piece of wood. I bet your cock is even harder than this. I just know I'll love it."

Cummmings could not believe his eyes. Not only was this fuckable thirteen-year old girl actually screwing herself with a broom handle right in front of him, but her tiny, fragile-looking pussy easily swallowed what seemed to him an incredible length of the hard polished wood. It should be coming out of her head, he thought to himself as he finally stripped off his pants. Now he was naked from the waist down, his already stiff prick curving up from beneath his shirt-tails. It was as long and thin as Susie had remembered, and the sight of her fucking her juicy pussy with the broom handle had brought him to a state of excitement he hadn't known for years.

"Come here, Sir. Let me taste it."

"Damn right, you'll taste it, little bitch. here! Suck it! Suck my cock!"

Eagerly he stepped in front of her, awkwardly avoiding the shuttling broom. When he saw that she wasn't going to stop fucking herself with it, he stepped over the broom handle, straddling it so he could get closer to her. Both of Susie's hands were occupied with that hard pole, so she just smiled and pursed her lips. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head forward, pushing his cock towards her mouth. Susie eagerly opened her lips to suck it in, licking and caressing it with her tongue until she was sure it was as hard as could be, almost as hard as the broom handle.

Then she let go of the broom and reached up to grab at the vice-principal's hips and pull his prick even further into her throat. The broom-stick hung there between her thighs, still caught up in her tight cunt, until the forces of gravity and her clenching muscles pushed it out of her and it clattered to the floor. As it fell Susie suddenly pulled back her head from his engorged prong.

"Now I want to you fuck me with it, Mr. Cummings. Fuck my behind. Push it into me hard, real hard."

"O.K. You asked for it, bitch. Get your ass up there where I can get at it."

Susie quickly got to her feet and leaned over the edge of the big desk, poking her adorable behind right at the wildly aroused vice-principal. In a moment he was doing just what she asked for, sinking his long pole deep into her pussy, still slippery and quivering from the effects of the broom and the copious juices the little janitor had deposited there. But it was not exactly what she wanted.

"No. Not there, Mr. Cummings. The other place. I want to feel your prick in my behind. Fuck me in the bum, please!"

"Fuck!" cried Mr. Cummings, looking down at his cock buried to the balls in her cunt, and the tiny opening of her asshole just above it. He didn't believe it. This little cunt wanted him to screw her in the ass. He had never done such a thing, though he had often imagined it as he watched the young students in their tight jeans; and he had once tried it with his wife but it had hurt both of them too much. But Susie! Susie's delicious ass! The very idea made his cock jump deep inside her cunt. It would tear her apart. Feeling his cock throb with renewed excitement Susie began to fear that he might come in her pussy before she got what she wanted.

"Quick! Hurry, please, Sir! In my ass, fuck my ass!"

"Damn fucking right, I'll fuck your ass, you little cock-teaser. And you won't be able to sit down for a month!"

The vice-principal pulled back. His long cock seemed to take forever to slide out of her clutching pussy lips. It took a real effort of will on his part to pull it that last couple of inches so that it popped out into the air again. Even Susie moaned in involuntary distress. But her moans turned to sighs of contentment as she felt him awkwardly placing the head of his cock at the wrinkled brown entrance to her intestines. He couldn't believe it would go in there, it seemed so tiny and tight, but something was driving him to try.

"Oh my yes! That's it, sir! Now push it in me. Hard!"

"Fuck!" he cried as he shoved forward brutally, not caring what he did to the little girl. He was too far gone with lust to consider the consequences. His cock-head pressed painfully against her tight little opening, sliding away along the sweaty crack.

"How do you like that, you little bitch?"

"Oh yes Sir! I like it! I love it like that! Push hard, Sir. Push your cock into my ass! Hurry!"

Something inside him wanted to punish this little girl for putting him in this position. Something else in him just wanted to bury his cock as far into her ass as it would go. He held his shaft in position and shoved forward, feeling the knob of his cock flatten painfully against the tiny opening. But Susie squirmed her ass and pushed back at the same time with such force that before he quite knew what had happened, his long cock was sunk half-way into her ass and he could feel the tight hot sheath squeezing down on him. He was overcome with erotic fury. Closing his eyes he pulled back and plunged in again, grabbing her hips to help him thrust. In a few seconds he was completely buried in her, the firm round cheeks of her ass pressed against his belly. Frantically he pulled his shirt aside so he could feel her flesh on his. Then he began sawing in and out of her with great, driving strokes, overwhelmed by the tightness and the heat and the strength with which Susie clamped her ass muscles down on him, but even more so by the

very idea of what he was doing. Susie squirmed back in ecstasy, loving the feeling of that long rod slicing into her, clenching and squeezing her ass muscles, gasping in delight as he drove into her over and over again. It was so good. It was always so good when she had a cock in her, no matter where. She came with a series of small explosions that made her asshole clutch convulsively at the cock that filled it.

Cummings was so incredibly excited, and Susie's ass was much too tight, for him to last long, and in less than two minutes he collapsed panting onto her back. His weight pressed her titties cruelly against his desk as his cock throbbed and squirted its load deep into her bowels. Susie moaned and came again as she felt him shoot, then she gently squeezed his shrinking cock in gratitude. When he finally recovered and pulled away, Cummings looked down at the fragile body still spread over his desk, at the round swell of her girlish ass, at his own stained and streaked cock. He couldn't believe it; it couldn't have happened. But he was even more shocked and incredulous when the young girl turned around and smiled happily up at him, reaching out for his now limp prick. Then she fell to her knees in front of him and kissed the head of his cock.

"Now I want to taste it, Mr. Cummings. That was so good. Your cock fit so nice in my behind. But it got all dirty there, so I'm going to clean it off."

"Shit, girl! You can't! What the fuck? It's . . . that's filthy!"

"I know. That's why I like it so much!"

And she bent happily to her work. Despite his revulsion at the thought, he could not resist. Susie licked avidly at his cock, searching out every speck of flavour, taking it inside her warm mouth again and washing it with her tongue. And while she sucked and licked she spoke to him, and in those few minutes she made him realize that she would love to let him drive his long prick into her asshole, cunt, or mouth again, but that Mr. Mascalla was her very dear friend, and if he lost his job she would be so sad that she might not want to fuck the vice-principal again, ever.

A shaken Mr. Cummings slowly pulled on his trousers again as Susie bounced out of his office, her bare ass flashing under her short skirt. Susie continued on out of the school. Temporarily, at least, her itches had been scratched. Besides, she was sure that there was no one else left in the building. It had been a nice end to her school day. Now she had to stop by Pop's to pick up a spare pair of panties to replace the ones she had left in the boiler-room. Not that she would put them on, though; it was still a long walk home, and who knew how many nice cocks she might run into—or have run into her—on the way.

Chapter 2

Humming happily to herself, Susie pushed open the door of MacIntosh's Gift and Variety. A little bell rang out, and three men gathered near the counter looked up to see who had come in. One of them, of course, was Pop MacIntosh; the other two Susie had never seen before. One of the strangers was talking loudly when Susie entered, waving a large cigar in the air; he was a big, barrel-chested man in a plaid suit almost as loud as his voice. The other was smaller and quieter, balding and bespectacled. The big man had evidently just told a dirty joke, for he and Pops burst into laughter while the little man grinned sheepishly. They grew suddenly silent when they saw Susie in the doorway.

"Hi, Pops! How's business?"

"Susie! What a sight for sore eyes. I was hoping you'd drop in today. I've been telling these gentlemen about you, and they're very anxious to meet you."

Susie's pussy twitched delightedly at Pop's words. She knew what "meet" meant in this case, and she was always happy to "meet" new men. Thanks to Pop she had met a lot of men lately.

"Christ, MacIntosh! Is that her? But she's jail-bait. Just a kid," the big man whispered to Pop, but Susie overheard and smiled.

"Don't worry, gents," Pop whispered back, winking at Susie. ""She may be little but she's got more than enough for both of you. But you're free to leave if you want."

"Oh no!" exclaimed the smaller one. "We'll stay. We'll stay."

The variety store business was not a good one, and Pops had been sinking further and further into debt until he met Susie earlier that year. One day she had gone in for some candy and found him looking so sad that she had sat under his counter and sucked his cock to cheer him up. She liked come much better than candy anyway. After that she began dropping in regularly to suck him off or to ask him to fuck her in his back room. That was when he had begun supplying her with replacement panties; he had actually offered her anything in the store, but she knew he was having financial problems and refused to take anything except the pleasure of having his cock in her.

Once she had come in and found him in the middle of a terrible argument with a strange, hard-looking man who was insisting that Pop pay his debts—or else. Susie had quickly maneuvered the man into the back room and just as quickly maneuvered his cock into her. She still remembered how cruelly and brutally he had fucked her; she was disappointed that he had never come back. But after that day there were many others. Soon she was regularly satisfying Pop's creditors—and herself—in his back room several times a week. Susie was sure that by now Pop didn't owe anybody anything, she had taken on so many cocks in that dusty store-room, many of them over and over again. She suspected that now he was simply finding men who would pay

him to "meet" her. She didn't mind at all; in fact, Susie couldn't think of a nicer arrangement. That way everybody benefited, especially her.

Today, as she felt the eyes of the three men on her, she knew she was in for an interesting time in the back room. She smiled her thanks to Pop; he tried to smile back but he had no teeth so his smile always looked like a grimace. He was a chubby, rotund man, in his late fifties, and completely bald. But he had a nice cock. She hoped the others did too.

"This is Mr. Harrison and Mr. Messner, Susie. They're salesmen. Mr. Harrison is in tobacco—cigars, cigarettes—and Mr. Messner's line is candy. And this is Susie, gentlemen."

"Pleased to meet you, sir, and you too, sir."

"Now, what can I do for you, young lady?" asked Pop with a twinkle in his eye. "If it's cigars or lollipops you want, you've come at the right time."

They all laughed, but Susie noted that the two strangers were a little uneasy. Now that they had finally met the girl Pop had been telling them about, they couldn't quite believe it. She certainly didn't seem the type, yet there was something about her that set their cocks twitching in their pants. Susie looked pointedly at their crotches and smiled.

"Gee, I really like lollipops, but I've never tried a cigar."

"Maybe you should, eh, Susie girl," said Mr. Harrison, the big one. "Nothing like a good big cigar to set the juices flowing, eh Pop?"

He laughed again, his eyes glued so tightly to Susie's titties that he didn't see her lick her lips in anticipation.

"Lollipops are good, too. Don't forget that candy is dandy." said the candy salesman.

"Well, I hope Mr. Messner will let me taste his lollipop—I bet it's a really nice one—and I'd be happy to try your cigar, too, Mr. Harrison, but please don't tell anyone. I'm not old enough to smoke."

Even though she rather liked this kind of teasing conversation, Susie decided to hurry things along.

"But actually, what I came in for was . . . well, it's embarrassing. I seem to have lost my panties again, Pop, and I need a new pair before I go home."

The two salesmen didn't quite know how to react to this unexpected declaration, but Pop knew how to play the game.

"Lost your panties again, Susie? That's the second time this week and its only Wednesday. Very careless of you. But how do I know you're telling the truth? I think you'd better show us."

Susie immediately pulled her skirt up above her waist and spun around in front of the three men. They watched wide-eyed as her delightfully round ass and tender, beckoning pussy flashed by in front of them.

"Golly! She's naked!" gasped Mr. Messner, taking off his glasses. Harrison just stared.

"Well, you certainly have lost them—or given them away," said Pop. At least it looks that way."

"Oh yes, Pop. They're really gone. But you don't have to believe me, these men will tell you, won't you? Put your hands down here and tell Pop if I'm naked or not, please, sirs."

With those words, Susie reached out and took one hand of each salesman. Mr. Messner was short enough that she could press his hand right against her pussy. She tugged impatiently on an astonished Harrison's arm until he bent down and she could press his fingers against her ass cheek. The small lollipop salesman, immediately began moving his fingers through her silken pussy hair. He had never felt anything like it. But Harrison just let his hand rest on her ass cheek as if paralyzed. Then he swore and set his cigar down on the counter, before moving his other hand to Susie's other ass cheek.

"Yes, she is. She's naked. Oh my goodness, she's naked, MacIntosh" stammered Mr. Messner. Harrison said nothing at first. He simply squeezed Susie's ass in disbelief, then he burst out with: Christ! She is naked! I don't believe it!"

"See? I told you. No panties," laughed Susie, suddenly spinning away from the two men.

"Well, I think I just might have some panties in the back that will fit you, but we'll have to try them on first."

"O.K. Pop. But if they don't fit, maybe Mr. Harrison and Mr. Messner could just put their hands back there again. They felt so nice and warm." She suddenly burst into an uncontrollable fit of giggles. "Boy, but we'd sure look funny walking down the street."

"I don't know about that, Susie, but I bet the guys would like it. Lets get into the back-room and try something on."

"Christ yeah! Lead the way, MacIntosh! Come on, Messner! Don't just stand there looking stupid. This is prime pussy!"

Pop led the way to his cluttered store-room, Susie followed him while the other two men followed her, trying to get their hands back onto her naked ass. She slowed to make it easier for them.

"Oh, that's so nice. But I guess I'll have to get all undressed if I'm going to try the panties on, won't I Pop?"

"Yes, indeed, Susie. How else could we see if they fit? But these two gentlemen will help you, won't you boys? Help Susie get undressed?"

Suddenly Mr. Messner—Susie had begun to think of the two salesmen as the cigar man and the lollipop man—grabbed at the hem of her skirt and tried to pull it down.

"Oh, golly yes! Here, let me help!"

"You have to undo the zipper first, Mr. Messner. Mr. Harrison, could you help me with my T-shirt please?"

While the lollipop man awkwardly tried to tug her skirt down over her hips, the cigar man let go of her ass and started to pull up her T-shirt. Susie held her hands in the air, but Harrison stopped pulling as soon as her T-shirt was covering her face. He was so fascinated by her young, but full-fleshed titties and their quivering nipples that he couldn't resist touching them, palming them. Meanwhile Messner had finally got her skirt down around her Keds and socklets he was kneeling in front of her stroking her sparse but silken pussy hair. Susie sighed happily, thrust her breasts out against the cigar man's rough fingers, and began to jerk her hips in response to the lollipop man's caresses. Pop was opening a package, and suddenly spoke up.

"Here we are. These should fit. We'll just slip them on as soon as you finish undressing her."

Harrison quickly let go of Susie's titties and finished pulling the T-shirt over her head, wanting to get his hands back on to her as soon as possible.

"Christ, MacIntosh! Hurry it up. This is getting interesting. God! What a pair of tits for a kid!"

But Pop MacIntosh was in no hurry; he knew how it all would end and he enjoyed watching these men's discomfort. He held up a tiny pair of pink bikini panties, just a fragile wisp of cloth. In fact they were identical to the ones Susie had left with Mr. Mascalla because they had come out of the same box just the day before. While the two salesmen watched impatiently Pop helped Susie step into them and pulled them up for her, letting his stubby hands slide appreciatively over her body as he did so. Susie's experienced eye could see movement beneath all the men's slacks. It was a good thing her inner itches had been so well scratched before she left school or she would have quickly lost patience with this game. But she knew that Pop enjoyed it, and she knew that she would not have long to wait before the game turned serious—and she was sure she would be the winner. So she relaxed and enjoyed the rough and awkward but familiar caresses Pop bestowed on her.

The panties stretched and molded themselves to her delicious roundness. The material cupped the slight swell of her Venus mound so closely that the quivering pussy lips could be clearly seen beneath the almost transparent cloth; it stretched over the curves of her ass like a second skin. As she turned in front of the admiring and lusting men, the bell over the front door tinkled its unwelcome message. Pop had to go to look after his customer, leaving Susie alone with the two very horny salesmen who were having a very hard time keeping their hands to themselves after the liberties they had been allowed earlier.

"I don't think that these will do. They're much too big."

"Too big?" the lollipop man asked incredulously, his eyes almost bulging out of his head. "Yes, much too big. Why I bet you could get your hand right inside here at the front." She guided his trembling hand into position right over her pussy.

"There! Didn't I tell you? You can even move your fingers around. And you, Mr. Harrison, I bet you could get your hands inside, too, here at the back. See! You can move it around too. Ohhh yes! Move them like that! It's so nice."

Susie was right. It was entirely possible for both men to get their hands in her pants. They were pressed close against her. Once she had pushed their hands under the waistband of her panties they were ready to take it from there.

"Oh my goodness," cried Mr. Messner as his fingers slipped between her pussy lips and were almost sucked into her cunt.

"My God! What an ass!" grunted Mr. Harrison as he probed at her ass crack. The material of the panties stretched incredibly but it did not break; that was why Susie liked them so much. The lollipop man suddenly bent down and took one of her hard little nipples in his mouth as his finger moved in her pussy; the cigar man's hand soon grabbed hold of the other breast and squeezed it. Susie sighed in delight, but it was not nearly enough for her.

"Oh yes, oh my yes! Oh thank you for helping me with my panties. But they won't do will they. I'll have to too. Ohhh yes! Move them like that! It's so nice."​


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Part 2 - MMf - teacher/teen

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The following story describes GRAPHIC SEXUAL situations which are INTENDED TO BE READ BY ADULTS ONLY.

MR. DOUBLE is the Poster, the Author NOT.

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"Yes! Take them off. I'll do it!" cried Mr. Messner, pushing at the offending piece of cloth.

She stepped out of the panties but the men's hands remained on her. Susie was now standing there naked except for her white Keds and lacey socks. Mr. Messner's fingers were now digging furiously into her cunt while Mr. Harrison was beginning to probe at her tiny asshole. Susie reached out to either side of her, found the male organs she was searching for, and squeezed.

"Oh my! Is this your cigar, Mr. Harrison? And I bet this is your lollipop, Mr. Messner. I just love to suck on lollipops. I'm sort of an all-day sucker. And who knows maybe I'll like the feel of a cigar in my mouth too. Oh, your hands feel so good. Go ahead, Mr. Harrison, you can push your fingers in there. I like things stuck in my behind."

Susie had decided not to waste any more time. She played these little games largely for Pop MacIntosh's sake and he wasn't here now. Quickly her practised hands lowered the men's zippers and managed to extricate their half-hard cocks.

"Oh, how lovely! What a big cigar! And what a delicious looking lollipop! I just have to taste it!"

She bent at the waist and began to suck on Mr. Messner's juicy lollipop. It really was delicious, hard and firm in her mouth. While she sucked she wiggled her dimpled ass in Mr. Harrison's face. It did not take him long to get her message. He rubbed his rapidly swelling cock through her dripping ass-crack, then with one vigorous push he planted his big cigar deep in her pussy.

Both men had lost all inhibitions now. Mr. Messner was driving his rigid lollipop right into her throat, holding her by the head as he furiously fucked her face; behind her, Mr. Harrison was frantically plunging his big cigar in and out of her devouring cunt. Susie's tiny body was buffeted between the two men. Mr. Harrison grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her against him as he drove into her. Her Ked-clad feet were completely off the floor now; she was supported only by the iron-hard cocks buried deep in her mouth and cunt. When they plunged into her together, she thought she could feel their cock-heads collide somewhere deep inside her, and their collision set off incredible explosions in her body. It was wonderful. She closed her eyes and wrapped her legs around Mr. Harrison’s hips. She grabbed Mr. Messner’s hips trying to slide his cock even deeper into her throat. The sensations continued to mount with every thrust, and the explosions they set off in her grew sharper and bigger every second.

The big cigar in her cunt exploded first, flooding her with its juices. As his cock softened and threatened to slip out of her pussy, Mr. Harrison lowered her gently to her knees. She did not let go of Mr. Messner's hips, holding his lollipop between her lips and relishing the way it thrust incessantly into her throat. The zipper of his fly dug into her cheek as she strained to swallow the entire length of his cock into her tightly constricted throat, but the little bit of pain only added to her pleasure. Finally he too could hold out no longer and Susie found herself eagerly swallowing gob after gob of sweet lollipop juice.

When she had drained every drop from Mr. Messner's lollipop, Susie, as usual, turned to Mr. Reynold's limp cigar and took it into her mouth to lick clean of their mingled juices. She was still cradling it lovingly between her lips when Pop came hurrying back.

"You've started without me! That's not fair! But isn't Susie a lovely little girl?"

"Wow! What a cunt! And what a mouth!" grunted Mr. Harrison as Susie finished licking up the drops of come that clung to the hairs of his balls.

"Oh my goodness! I've never felt anything like it," said Mr. Messner,, watching in hypnotic fascination as the mouth that had just sucked him off worked over his colleague's limp prick. At last Susie let go of the salesman's cigar and looked over impatiently at Pop.

"I just couldn't wait, Pop. I didn't mean to forget you. How could I? Hurry and get undressed and let's do it like we did on Monday. I ate Mr. Messner's lollipop and had Mr. Harrison's cigar in me. Now I want Pop's popsicle!"

Even as she spoke the old store-keeper was quickly undressing until all he wore was an old and yellowed undershirt that barely covered his protruding belly, and certainly didn't conceal his protruding cock, a surprisingly sturdy tool.

Pop MacIntosh and Susie worked together like a well-practised team--which they were. Pop hurriedly pulled out an old blanket and sat on the floor. Susie crouched between his legs and licked lovingly at his cock until it was hard and erect. Then Pop lay back on the blanket while Susie clambered over his body, set his cock at the entrance to her pussy, and slowly sank down onto it until her ass was pressed tightly against his belly. Then she began to bounce. Up and down. In and out. Faster and faster she moved on the shop-keeper's throbbing pole. Her eyes were closed and her mouth hung open, releasing strange whimpers of pleasure as orgasm overtook her.

But Pop's cock stayed hard in her cunt and Susie did not stop moving. The sensations in her belly built quickly to new peaks as she slid up and down, screwing her ass around the pole she so happily impaled herself on. She was beginning a climb to a gigantic climax when she turned to the two watching salesmen and called to them to come closer. Without breaking her rhythm she reached out and grasped their reawakening cocks. The two men stood, one on each side of Pop's head, their cocks pointing straight towards Susie. Moaning in pleasure, she pulled them even closer and bent her head forward until her lips were able to close around the head of the Mr. Messner's juicy lollipop. She sucked avidly for a few seconds, then let go and stuffed Mr. Harrison's big cigar into her mouth.

Up and down she bounced on Pop's cock, clutching at first one salesman's balls, then the other's, as she sucked on their cocks. But her excitement and passion only went up. With Pop's fat pole stuffed into her cunt and two juicy pricks for her mouth to feast upon, Susie was in heaven. Hungry for all the cock she could swallow she tried to pull both salesmen's pricks into her mouth at the same time. Four hands tangled in her hair and pulled her head forward as her lips stretched wider than ever before. Then they were in her.

"Wow!" groaned Mr. Harrison; "Golly!" exclaimed Mr. Messner. They each tried to push their cocks deeper into her mouth but there simply wasn't room. For Susie the sensation was so intense, the feeling of being completely stuffed with cock so strong that her quivering body went over the edge again, and this time her convulsing cunt took Pop with her. He cried out and clutched at her hips as his prick began to spurt deep within her belly. Susie had to let the two salesmen's cocks pop free from her mouth. They were swelling too quickly. She collapsed onto Pop's chest, panting and whimpering as the convulsions of her orgasm shook her slender body. When she had stopped trembling she began to whisper her gratitude to the old man, nuzzling at his grizzled chest hair while he stroked her head. The two salesmaen stood there, their cocks sticking out grotesquely in front of them, watching the old man and the young girl, desperately wanting to plunge their cocks back into her.

After a few seconds Susie lifted her head. The two men were now both fiercely erect. Susie's eyes glowed with anticipation as she looked at the hard flesh poking out from their pants.

"Oh goodie! My lollipop and my cigar are back. I want you both again. But you have too many clothes on."

She gently disengaged herself from Pop, bending to plant a big kiss on the end of his cock, licking up the come that still dribbled from it. The two men hurriedly stripped off their clothes and pressed close to Susie, reaching out to touch and squeeze her flesh. Susie grabbed Mr. Messner's lollipop and pulled him to the blanket where Pop was sitting watching. Then she pushed him down so that he was facing Pop and made him lie back on the floor. Before he quite realized what was happening she was straddling the candy salesman, her back to his head, letting her pussy sink down onto his hard cock, just as she had on Pop's only moments before.

"Oh my, yes! I just love your lollipop in my honeypot! Now all I need is your big cigar, Mr. Harrison."

Harrison tried to push his way in front of her so she could suck his cock but Pop was sitting there, smiling like an inscrutable Buddha and he wouldn't move. The salesman was going to push the old man out of the way when Susie asked him to wait. Then she bent forward, still firmly planted on Mr. Messner's spike, so that her face fell towards Pop's lap. The old man grasped her head and pulled it against his limp and sticky prick. Susie sensuously rubbed her cheek over his cock and balls, purring almost like a kitten. Messner began trying to move his cock in her tightly clasping cunt.

"Your cigar now, please! Let me have your cigar. Put it in me. In my bum!"

Pop lay back and Susie pressed her face against his crotch. Her ass was in the air and the tobacco salesman could see her cunt lips stretched tightly around the other salesman's cock. Above it was the tiny winking eye of her asshole. He couldn't believe that she meant him to fuck her there but there was nowhere else and his hard cock was demanding satisfaction.

Susie had opened her mouth and swallowed almost all of Pop's limp and resting cock. The old man clutched her head. Her ass moved, spiralling round on the hard shaft that filled her cunt. It was driving Harrison frantic as he stared at her tiny asshole. His cock leaped at the thought of penetrating it, but surely it was impossible. Impatiently Susie lifted her head from Pop's tasty prick and cried out, almost moaning in passion.

"Please, put it in me, Mr. Harrison. In my ass. Fuck me in the ass with your big cigar."

She began nursing on the old man's cock again, trying to hold her ass still, but the twitching lollipop in her pussy made her want to move, to screw herself furiously on it. She moaned in pleasure around Pop's cock when she felt Harrison's rough hands clutching at her ass. It was all too much for him to take. If she wanted to be fucked in the ass, he was going to do it, no matter what it did to her. Stepping over his colleague's prostrate body, he dug his fingers into her ass cheeks and held her still as he shoved his hard and demanding prick into her ass crack. Muttering and cursing he poked at her asshole, feeling himself slide away each time until finally he hit the tiny opening and the head of his cock popped magically inside the tight anal ring. He almost roared with passion as Susie's clamped down on him. She, too, cried out in pleasure but Pop's cock was already swelling again in her throat and only a muffled groan emerged.

Blind with lust, the cigar man clutched painfully at Susie's ass and began to push his cock into her bowels. He couldn't believe that he was inside her, yet he could feel his cock sink further and further into her ass on each thrust. He could feel the pressure of the cock in her cunt, and Susie could feel both hard muscles throbbing inside her, sending delicious sensations of fullness through her.

"All the way! Push it in me all the way. I want all your cocks. Oh I can feel you both! Isn't it wonderful. You're both so deep in me"

At last Harrison had sunk the full length of his big cigar into her ass. The two men filled her lower passages with their engorged flesh. Susie began to move, writhing and twisting her ass, feeling the hard cocks move inside her, rubbing against each other. The two men had to move too. Beneath her, Mr. Messner strained to lift his hips and push his cock deeper into her pussy; behind her, Mr. Harrison could plunge easily into her ass. And in front of her she had Pop's delicious meat to suck on. Susie felt as if she were in heaven. Every motion of their hard cocks sent waves of pleasure through her, and they kept moving. All three men had just come in her moments before, so despite Susie's erotic charms it was a long time before they were ready to render up another liquid homage to her.

She came again and again. She was stuffed to bursting with hard cock. It was wonderful. It should never stop. By now, Pop's cock was hard in her mouth as well, pushing its way into her throat. After one immensely satisfying orgasm that shook her whole body, Susie suddenly stopped moving. Mr. Harrison continued ploughing his fat cigar into her asshole, but with a neat flip of her hips, Susie dislodged him and quickly pulled her cunt off of Mr. Messner's solid spike. Both men burst into complaint and grabbed at her, their red and raging cocks bobbing in the air. Susie felt incredibly empty, but she wanted a change. And besides, the men were getting too close to coming and she didn't want to finish yet. They needed a change of pace.

"Wait, please. Just a minute. I want to do it another way. Please."

Harrison just grunted impatiently and tried to grab her ass again; he wanted back in that tight, hot hole. Messner lay there looking bewildered, his long red cock waving in the air. But Pop just smiled a big happy grin and lay back watching, knowing Susie would look after them all. She turned her back on him and squatted over his prick.

"Your cock, Pop! Put it in my asshole, please."

Pop took his rigid organ between two fingers and pointed it directly at Susie's recently vacated asshole. She felt it press against her and bent her knees, sitting down on it. The two salesmen watched in fascination as that tiny opening easily swallowed up the fat head of the old man's cock. Susie sighed with contentment and relaxed her knees, letting all her weight rest on Pop's hard spike, moaning as she felt it sink deep into her ass. Then she lay back on the old man's flabby chest. He reached around and seized her titties to hold her in place. Her cunt was now exposed.

"Now your lollipop, Mr. Messner. Fuck me with your lollipop. Fuck me hard!"

Messner quickly scrambled to his feet and knelt in front of her so he could plunge his eager cock back into that incredible pussy. This time he was on top and could move freely. He grabbed both legs and raised them up on his shoulders and drove into her wildly and enthusiastically while Susie encouraged him with cries of passion. The laces from her Keds dangled on either side of his face swaying to the rythm of his assault. Harrison couldn't stand being left out. He roared his disapproval and tried to pull the smaller man off of Susie's body until she stopped him by gasping out:

"Oh no, Mr. Harrison. I want you too, I want your big cigar in my mouth. I want you to fuck my face with it. Come here, please."

Harrison let go of the lollipop man who continued banging away frantically at Susie's pussy. He looked down at his prick, remembering that it had just come out of her asshole. But she cried out again and urged him to hurry. Her head hung back over Pop's shoulder, so he knelt behind her, trying to get into position to feed her his cock.

Susie reached back blindly and caught it in her hand, pulling him right into her mouth and beginning to suck, savouring the strong taste and pungent odour her asshole had left on him. He clutched at her head and began pushing his cigar in and out of her clasping lips. With her head bent back, he had clear access to her throat and soon his fat cock was pushing right into that narrow tunnel. He gasped in pleasure as he felt it squeeze down on his cockhead. It seemed even tighter than her asshole, and Susie's moans and cries of pleasure, muffled by his fat cock in her throat, sent strange vibrations through his flesh that made him plunge even harder into her.

Once again Susie was wonderfully filled in all three holes with hard cock. And once again her pleasure soared with every plunge they took into her mouth and cunt. Pop's stiff prick in her asshole was the one fixed point in her paroxysms of pleasure. From either end, her other two fuckers drove fiercely into her, even more vigorously than before.

The brief rest had done them good--increased their eagerness, yet taken the edge off their arousal. They continued to plunge into her for a long, long time. Sometimes one would stop for a while to catch his breath, but there was always at least one stiff prick pounding into her. As she exploded into orgasm after orgasm, Susie writhed on Pop MacIntosh's impaling pole, making it move deliciously in her asshole and making the old man clutch fiercely at her titties. Susie lost all sense of time and place, so intense were the convulsive spasms that shook her body. Then she felt first one, then the other two pricks begin to spurt into her at almost the same time, and the feel of all that come pouring into her triggered an orgasm that almost made her black out, but she did not want to lose one bit of the overwhelming sensations. She was awash in come and she loved it.

The four bodies collapsed into a tangled, heaving mass on the blanket. The men were panting in exhaustion. They could hardly move. With a stab of disappointment Susie felt the dwindlig pricks slip out of her cunt and asshole. She continued to suck on the prick in her mouth until there was nothing more to be had from it. Then, carefully extricating herself from the pile of bodies, she found the other two cocks that had just shot in her and began licking each of them clean, revelling in their distinctive tastes. When she finally stopped and got to her feet, the men were still in no condition to do anything. But Susie felt invigorated and ready for more.

"Gee, that was wonderful! I hope you liked it. You were really all so good to me, giving me your lollipop and your cigar. Thank you, Mr. Messner. Thank you, Mr. Harrison. I hope you come back again real soon. I'd love to stay and suck you until you got hard again, but it's getting late, and I've got to go. But oh boy, was it ever good! And thank you too, Pop, for introducing me to Mr. Messner and Mr. Harrison. I'm always happy to meet men like them. I'll see you tomorrow after school."

All the time she was speaking, Susie was slipping into her skirt and T-shirt. The men watched her in a daze. She really would have liked to suck them up into erection again, but she knew that their cocks and balls were completely depleted, and it might take forever. She still had time for other adventures before she had to be home, and she didn't want to waste the time. She carefully knelt beside them and gave each of their cocks a big kiss, before jumping to her feet and slipping out the back door. She left the panties behind. One of the men might want them for a souvenir, and besides, she did not want to be bothered by them just yet. She would come back tomorrow and suck Pop off in exchange for another pair.

Susie felt wonderfully alive and exhilarated. Life was so good to her, planting hard horny pricks in her path no matter where she went. She had had a lovely visit with Pop, and she had been totally filled with cock and with come. It had been lovely, but she was still ready for more. And home was still blocks away.

Chapter 3

Susie whistled gaily as she walked down the street. Her hips swung in an instinctive fucking rhythm that no man could ignore. Many of those who turned to follow her tantalizing ass were rewarded with a glimpse of gleaming white flesh as her short skirt was caught by a passing breeze.

The aftertaste of come was still strong in her mouth and Susie relished it. But the male juices she had swallowed had only satisfied one very special kind of thirst; all her activity had generated another. So, when she passed the Deluxe Luncheonette and old Mrs. Vastos waved to her through the window, Susie decided to stop for a soft drink. She hadn't been in the restaurant for a long time and wanted to say hello to the elderly Greek couple who ran it.

"Hi, Mrs. Vastos! Hi, Mr. Vastos! How are you?"

"Why, Miss Susie! Hello! Long time you no come here."

"Oh, I've been very busy. Starting Juniour High and all." The "all" was, of course, sex. Since her introduction to it that summer, Susie had had to forego many of her old habits and activities. One of them had been stopping in at the Deluxe after school. Now she did other things after school.

"You in Junior High already? My, you grow up fast. You look real good, too, Miss Susie. Theo, come see. Here Miss Susie to say hello."

"I just dropped in for a Coke."

"A Coke. O.K. You sit down. Theo, take Miss Susie a Coke."

Susie sat at a booth in the back of the restaurant. The vinyl banquette felt cold and sticky on her bare skin. She tried to spread her skirt demurely over her knees. Theo Vastos brought the drink she had ordered. He was Mrs. Vastos's husband. Both of them were in their seventies. The restaurant was mainly run by their sons, but at least part of every day, when business was slow, Mrs. Vastos sat behind the cash register and Mr. Vastos wiped half-heartedly at the tables.

After he set the Coke down, Theo Vastos stopped to chat with her in his careful but awkward and limited English. He made Susie think of Mr. Marcella, the school janitor, which brought immediately to her mind the janitor's immense and still vigorous cock, despite its age. The memory of how he had fucked her in the boiler-room just an hour before started up a new itch in her pussy and she automatically looked down at Mr. Vastos's crotch. She was surprised at what she saw.

"Why Mr. Vastos, your fly is undone. Your zipper."

The old man looked down in confusion. He had indeed forgot to do up his fly when he last came from the toilet. It was so hard to remember everything these days. Hastily he tried to pull it up, but in his hurry he somehow got it stuck. His pulling and tugging only made things worse.

"It's stuck, Mr. Vastos. Don't pull so hard. Here, let me see if I can fix it."

Susie bent forward, her face only inches from the old man's open fly, and pushed and pulled at the zipper to no avail. Despite her extensive experience with men's zippers, she could not make it move. But something else did move. Susie became aware of movement inside the old man's pants. Her hands were already at his open fly, and nothing in the world could have stopped them from slipping inside on a voyage of discovery. It was madness, here in the restaurant with his wife just a few feet away. However, Mr. Vastos was standing with his back to the cash-register, facing Susie, and no one else could see exactly what was happening.

Susie's hands found and instinctively began fondling the old man's hidden cock. Mr. Vastos was silent. She was surprised that he accepted her actions so naturally, surprised and delighted. The restaurant was empty and Susie was not used to stopping once she got a cock in her hands. Carefully she extricated the twitching organ from its confines and pulled it out into the open. Mr. Vastos's cock was the youngest thing about him. Susie marvelled at its soft, fresh skin, and its rapidly growing length and hardness as she caressed it with her gentle but knowing hands. She looked up at the old man and whispered, hoping his wife could not hear:

"Oh, Mr. Vastos! It's so nice. I hope you don't mind but I just had to see it. I couldn't help it."

She had eyes only for that lovely thing, and she was about to lean forward and kiss it when her reverie was rudely interrupted.

"Papa! What you take so long for? You bothering Miss Susie?"

It was Mrs. Vastos. She had left her cash-register and was hobbling painfully on her arthritis-ridden legs towards the back of the restaurant. Susie frantically tried to push the old man's prick back into his pants, but her caresses had had their effect and it was now too long, too hard. Mr. Vastos didn't seem to be worried that his wife might discover him like this, his cock poking out of his pants right in front of a thirteen-year old schoolgirl.

"Oh! So that what going on. But maybe Susie no like. You ask her first, Theo?"

"My zipper, Mama. My zipper stuck. Won't go up. Miss Susie help."

"Funny helping. Zipper no go up but something else do. So, you like, Susie? I thought so all the time, but you so young I wonder. Me, I like too when I your age. My Theo, he have nice schlong, you no think?"

Susie had never heard the word "schlong" before, but she knew exactly what Mrs. Vastos was talking about. Once she got over her amazement she stopped trying to hide the wonderful tool, but she felt she should at least let go of it. Mrs. Vastos had a very unusual attitude but Susie didn't know how far it would extend. Looking was one thing, touching might be quite another. The old man's long, youthful cock stood there, poking straight out from his fly, and all three of them looked at it with admiration.

"You're not angry then, Mrs. Vastos? I mean me touching your husband. It was me who did it, not Mr. Vastos. It was all my fault."

"Fault, schmalt. No fault. Theo really proud of his schlong. Like to show it to the girls. But that's nothing. You should see our sons. Great big. Like this."

Mrs. Vastos stretched her hands several feet apart. Susie knew she was exaggerating, but just the thought of two sons with pricks even bigger than their father's was enough to make her pussy ache with sudden want.

"It's a very nice prick, uh, I mean schlong. You have every right to be proud, Mr. Vastos. At your age, too."

"Poor Theo. He stuck with it now. I no bother with that stuff any more, but Theo, he still like it."

Mr. Vastos looked imploringly at Susie, then down at his slightly wilting erection. She reached out tentatively and touched his cock. His wife said nothing. Emboldened, Susie wrapped her fingers around it, feeling it throb against her hand. Then she started moving her hand up and down its length. She looked over at Mrs. Vastos who was smiling happily as she watched Susie's fingers move on her husband's cock.

"Is it all right, Mrs. Vastos? I can't help it, it's so nice. I just have to touch it."

"Sure, Miss Susie. You go right ahead. I remember what it used to be like. It long time since Theo have any fun like that."

"Ah, yes, nice, nice, Miss Susie. Oh yes! Since Anastasia gone, no more," the old man sighed.

While continuing to pump his hard prick Susie looked inquiringly at Mrs. Vastos.

"Anastasia. She our daughter. Long time she used to play with Theo's schlong. Then she get married, but she still come back see us sometime and play with schlong. Now she have little girl and not come so much. Poor Theo! He not come much neither no more." Mrs. Vastos laughed heartily at her own joke and even Susie had to smile. "You make him come, Miss Susie? It been long time for him. I get towel. No one in restaurant now. Anyway, I close."

Susie pumped steadily, her head awhirl with all she had heard. Her mouth watered at the sight of the old man's glowing cockhead above her fist. It was getting ready to shoot, she could tell. It would be such a waste to spill it all into a towel.

"Mrs. Vastos . . . is it all right . . . I mean . . . can I use my mouth? Then you won't need a towel."

"Oh, Susie! You like do that? Me too, long time ago. Not now. Not even Anastasia do that. I watch. You go head."

And Susie gladly went "head". Her luscious lips swooped down over the tip of Mr. Vastos's cock and began to suck. Mrs. Vastos clapped her hands in glee. Susie's hands continued to pump up and down on the long shaft while her mouth engulfed the head. She swept her tongue over the crown, tasting the first drops of fluid that were beginning to leak out.

"Oh, Miss Susie! Susie! Oh, good, good, good! More than 'tasia."

The old man babbled in a mixture of Greek and English. Susie didn't always understand what he was saying, but she certainly understood what his cock was saying to her mouth. Unwrapping her fingers from his cock-shaft, she clutched at his frail hips and pulled him towards her until his prick was pushing deep into her throat. Then she pushed him slowly back, keeping her lips locked on his throbbing shaft. When she pulled him back into her, swallowing an extra inch of cock this time, he quickly understood what she wanted and began thrusting in and out of her mouth in long gentle strokes while his wife watched and beamed her approval. Even though she wasn't interested in "that" anymore, she was pleased to see that her husband's "schlong" could still appeal to even such a young and sexy girl as Susie. It made her remember that she hadn't been much older than thirteen when she married him.

Mrs. Vastos watched happily as her seventy-five year old husband pumped his cock, his schlong, between the clinging lips of a thirteen-year old schoolgirl in broad daylight, almost in the middle of their family restaurant. She was even happier when she saw her husband close his eyes and begin to shake and clutch at Susie's bobbing head. She watched in fascination the way the young girl's throat muscles worked as she swallowed the long pent-up load that the poor, sex-starved old man shot into her mouth.

Susie continued to suck gently on the old man's cock for a long time. She couldn't get over how young and vital it still felt in her mouth, and how much juice it had spurted into her stomach. When at last she pulled her lips from the shrunken organ, a drop of gism hung from her lip. Mrs. Vastos stretched out a motherly hand and wiped it away; then she presented her finger to Susie to lick clean.

"Oh, that was so good, Mr. Vastos! And you came so much! I didn't think I'd be able to swallow it all. Gallons and gallons. I'd be happy to play with your schlong anytime if your daughter Anastasia doesn't want to any more. You just tell me when. It's so delicious."

"Hah! Theo's got nice schlong all right. But you should see my sons, Miss Susie. Big like this! And fat. Not old and skinny like his."

"I thank you, Miss Susie. Your mouth so good. But Mama right. Both our boys got big schlong. Like father," said Mr. Vastos with paternal pride. In a burst of enthusiasm and afection Susie jumped to her feet to wrap her arms around Mr. Vastos's neck and planted a big kiss on his surprised lips. Mrs. Vastos grabbed her arm.

"Hey! What you do? Theo my husband. You no kiss him like that. Not right, Miss Susie. You don't do again, please."

A bewildered Susie let her arms drop from the old man's neck. It was all right for her to suck Mr. Vastos's cock in public and swallow his come, but she was not to kiss him on the lips. She didn't really understand, but she was happy to go along with the rules as long as she was free to suck his cock. Her pussy was beginning to itch again. Visions of the Vastos boys with their legendary cocks, big like this, floated through her head.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Vastos. I didn't mean anything. It's just that you have such a nice husband. And . . . uh . . . Mrs. Vastos . . . ?"

"Yes, Miss Susie?"

"I bet your sons are nice, too. Do you think I could meet your schl . . . I mean your sons, someday?"

"Oh sure, Miss Susie. You like big schlongs, you gonna really like my sons. You meet right now. Steve and Chris, they in the kitchen now. You come with me. You come too, Theo."

The three of them went through a swinging door into the small kitchen. Two fat, middle-aged men were sitting on chairs smoking. They both jumped to their feet and put out their cigareettes when they saw their mother appear.

"Boys, boys. I told you million timers, you no smoke in kitchen. But I want for you to meet Miss Susie. Susie, these my sons, Christopher and Stephen."

Susie politely shook their hands, hoping she would soon have her hands on other parts of them. Both men wore T-shirts and dirty white trousers. They also wore aprons which frustrated Susie's attempts to catch a glimpse of their famous schlongs.

The two men stared curiously at the young girl. Of course, they had seen her before around the restaurant, but they were puzzled that their mother had brought her back to the kitchen. However, they were quite happy to have her lovely young body to look at. As Theo Vastos moved past Susie to stand beside his wife, Chris caught sight of his gaping fly. "Papa," he whispered. "Your zipper!"

"It stuck. It no go up," the old man replied in a normal voice.

"Stuck, schmuck. Don't worry so much Christopher. Your Papa just been showing Miss Susie his schlong. She like very much. Even eat right up, just like a hot dog. Now she want to see you and Steve. Show her your schlongses, both of you."

Chris and Steve Vastos were shocked speechless. They looked in bewilderment from the sweet, sexy schoolgirl to their grinning father's open trouser front, to their mother's happy face. Her words slowly sank in. They convinced themselves that she had, in fact, said it, but they did not know how to react. They knew enough of their mother's ideas to accept her words and, since Susie did not express any shock or outrage, they began to think that it might even be true, no matter how unbelievable. Their eyes fixed on hers. She smiled warmly, enjoying their confusion as she hoped to soon be enjoying their cocks.

"Your mother has told me so much about you, I just had to see them . . . I mean you. She says your pricks are even nicer than your Dad's, and his is really nice. I'd really like to see yours, too. Won't you please show me?"

"Go on, boys. I know you both got nice big schlongs. Show them to Miss Susie. She like schlongs like I used to. Go on, hurry up. Miss Susie not got all night."

The two men looked at each other, then slowly put down their cigarettes and began to fumble with the knots of their apron strings. They threw off the white aprons, but they could not bring themselves to go any further. Susie saw their hesitation.

"Mrs. Vastos? Can I do it? Can I open their pants? Do you think they'll mind?" she asked impatiently.

"My boys too shy. Sure, you go head. They no mind, do you boys?"

The two men simply shook their heads as Susie quickly and happily approached them. First she stroked and fondled the crotches of their stained white trousers. Yes, she could feel the heavy, swollen flesh. Immediately her tiny hands went to work on their belts, while the two men stood almost petrified. In a moment their pants were open and Susie's hands were foraging in their underwear.

"Oh my! They really do feel nice, Mrs. Vastos. Oh! I can feel yours move, Mr. Christopher. Do you like me touching you. Oh, and now yours too, Mr. Steve. Oh, I want to see them, but I can't get them out like this."

The touch of her hands on the bare flesh of their cocks, on top of everything else, had excited them to such an extent that even Susie's practiced hands could not pull the swelling poles through the openings in their jockey shorts. While Mrs. Vastos nodded in approval, and the two men began gasping with pleasure, Susie pushed their pants and underwear down around their knees. She exclaimed in delight when she looked up. Mrs. Vastos was right; they were indeed "big like this" and so very fat.

In Susie's brief but very crowded experience with men's cocks she had seldom seen bigger--and these weren't even fully erect yet. Susie remedied that deficiency in a hurry. She stood in front of the two men and fondled each one with one hand, a dreamy look on her face as she imagined how their schlongs would feel inside of her. Then she bent down to inspect the marvelous organs more closely, to inhale their scent and, after a furtive glance towards the boys' mother, to plant a big kiss on the head of each cock. The men gasped and stiffened in disbelief. When Mrs. Vlastos said nothing, Susie let herself go and spread wide her lips to swallow the head of Steve's cock.

However, in bending over, Susie revealed that she was panty-less under her skirt. Hardly anyone was looking, so fascinated were they all by the contrast between Susie's tiny hands and delicate lips and those huge, bloated pieces of male meat. But old Theo Vastos was trying to get a better view of Susie's lips on his sons' cocks when he noticed the naked flesh beneath her skirt. The sight of those sweet, round globes stopped him in his tracks. His eyes brightened. While Susie fondled and kissed his sons' schlongs, he reached out to grab at her ass.

Mrs. Vlastos did not see because she had quickly turned and hurried to a wall telephone. She dialled almost blindly, her proud, maternal eyes fixed on little Susie's attempt to get one of those great schlongs inside her mouth.

"Hello, George. That you? Mama here. george, you come right way to kitchen. Yes, restaurant. No, I no tell you. A surprise. You come quick." She hung up abruptly and settled into one of the chairs vacated by her sons to watch her family enjoy themselves.

"Old Theo Vastos now had his finger in Susie's pussy while her lips were stretched tightly around the bulbous knob of Steve's cock-head. Suddenly the old man plunged his finger deep into her cunt and pressed his thumb against her asshole. Susie jumped forward--from surprise and delight, not pain--and Steve's great knob popped into her mouth just as the old man's thumb popped through her anus and pressed against the finger in her cunt. The old man's probing fingers spurred her to suck voraciously on the son's cock, swallowing it inch by inch, as she wriggled her ass enthusiastically against the old man's hand, wishing he could put something bigger than his fingers in her.

Chris Vastos was left standing with his cock sticking out of his pants and a bewildered, forlorn look on his face. Susie's mouth was fully occupied by his brother and her ass by his father. When Mrs. Vlastos saw that he was being left out, she called to her husband.

"Theo, you stop that! Look, poor Chris. He got nothing to do. You let him play with Susie's bummie. If Susie don't mind. You mind, Susie? You let Chris feel your bummie? Maybe you even let him put his schlong in you? If it not too big? You like? Chris he do it good."

If Susie had ever wanted to cry out, "yes!", that was the time. But the huge pole in her mouth made it impossible. She nodded her head as vigorously as she could, making Steve Vastos moan from the sensations it produced on his cock. She wriggled and shook her "bummie", hoping Christopher or his mother would understand. She missed the old man's fingers already, but just the thought of one of those great schlongs pushing inside her drowned out any regrets.

Under his wife's stern glance, the old man reluctantly pulled his hand from Susie's ass and moved away to sit beside her in the chair. Chris Vastos frantically tried to pull off his pants, but ended up hobbling into position at Susie's rear. He watched that lovely behind for a few seconds as it squirmed in frustration and invitation. Then he reached out to stroke the glowing flesh, almost hypnotized by its whiteness. Finally he took his mighty prick in two hands and set its swollen head against the pink and gleaming lips of Susie's pussy. Susie pushed back as hard as she could to try to capture the fleshy knob, but his mother's voice made him start and pull away. Susie moaned in frustration around the meaty pole in her mouth until she heard what Mrs. vastos had to say.

"Christopher! What you do? You know not right to put your schlong there! Didn't I teach you better. You put in other place, like I show you. Is better. Right Miss Susie? You like like that, no?"

Susie was surprised at the old lady's words but she didn't care where he put it as long as he put it in her somewhere soon. If Mrs. Vlastos didn't want her son to fuck her cunt then she was quite happy to give him her asshole. Once again she nodded her head vigorously. Steve groaned again and his cock sank several inches further into her throat.

When Chris had re-aimed his mighty missile and started to press it tentatively against her tiny asshole, Susie was pushed even more firmly onto his brother's cock. Its great length was almost completely buried in her throat before the other brother finally managed to force the swollen knob of his cock-head through her anxious anal opening. Once that tight ring of muscle had snapped firmly around his shaft, Chris Vastos let out a roar and began thrusting into the young girl, forcing her throat down the last few inches onto his brother's cock. He straightened his knees and suddenly Susie's Keds were off the floor. She was completely impaled now, just as she had been between the two salesman a little while before, but this was even better. Never had she felt so full, so stuffed with wonderful man-meat. Even though her cunt was empty, the sheer size of the cocks in her other two openings more than made up for it.

But she couldn't breathe. She almost hadn't noticed, so enraptured had she been by the progress of Chris Vastos's big cock up the tight channel of her ass. Steve Vastos wasn't moving. The sensation of her throat muscles clamped around his rigid shaft, squeezing and pulsating, was simply too good. Susie had to push at his legs before he grabbed her head and began to move in her, pulling his mighty cock back until only the great knob was in her mouth so she could gulp a breath of air, then sending the complete length of his shaft deep into her throat again.

If it had been wonderful before, now was even better. Susie simply closed her eyes, let her body go limp, and let the incredible sensations wash over her as the two brothers drove in and out of her convulsing, quaking body. Every movement sent paroxysms of pleasure through her, causing her throat and ass muscles to clutch spasmodically at the cocks that were so deliciously invading her. That only drove the two men to even greater heights of excitement, and they pounded their massive cocks into her tiny body with ever growing fury. It was heavenly.

Suddenly both men stopped moving, both their cocks fully buried in Susie's body. She couldn't stand it; she wanted them to keep moving, to continue driving into her until she burst from the build-up of sheer pleasure. She tried to move herself, but she was pinned between them, her legs dangling in the air, firmly caught on those giant pegs of throbbing flesh. She couldn't understand what had happened. Then, through her pleasure-drugged daze, she heard Mrs. Vastos's piercing voice.

"Oh, Miss Susie. You do so good. Both my boys really enjoy, I can tell. But you don't mind stop for minute. Here is George. George my nephew. He have nice schlong too. George, you take clothes off and show Miss Susie your schlong."

George had slipped into the kitchen almost unnnoticed, and had stood in shocked silence for several minutes before his aunt noticed him. What an incredible sight. That luscious young girl, only a teen-ager, really, being double-fucked by his two cousins with their giant horse-cocks. And Chris actually had his prick in her asshole. It was beyond belief, but there it was, right in front of him. His own cock hardened in his pants immediately and he reached down to rub it. And what was more incredible was that she seemed to be looking over at him, welcoming him, and all that with those giant cocks stuffing her. He knew grown women who wouldn't even touch his cousins' cocks, so frighteningly huge did they find them, yet this little girl seemed to be revelling in them.

"You like see George's schlong, too, Miss Susie?"

Susie nodded as well as she could with Steve's telephone pole of a cock stuck right down her throat, then gave him a quick push with her other hand, hoping he would start moving again so she could breathe. She was on the point of blacking out when he finally pulled his cock back and she was able to take in a breath of air through her nose. His brother started moving again, too, and soon those two poles of flesh were once again driving her mad with pleasure. But Susie was still alert enough to her surroundings to watch out of the corner of her eye as George stripped off his pants. She liked what she saw.

George stood next to his cousins, wondering how he could get involved. He felt Susie's hand strike his leg and then climb slowly upwards along his thigh until she was able to grasp his already iron-hard prick. She squeezed it triumphantly, feeling it throb beneath her fingers, then began pumping it in time to the two other cocks ramming into her. When the shudders of orgasm swept through her again, she squeezed him so tightly he groaned from mingled pain and pleasure. Then, while her body was still quivering, she pulled George closer. He was pressed against his cousin Steve but he hardly noticed because Susie was somehow bending her arm at a painful angle so she could run his dripping cock-head all over her face and the sleek line of her throat. He could actually feel the sensation of his cousin's great schlong grotesquely stretching her cheeks and her throat muscles as it drove towards her stomach.

He felt as if he were going to come right away, just from the feel of her silken skin, taughtly stretched around the cock in her mouth, rubbing against his enflamed cock-head. He was saved from so wastefully spilling his seed by his two cousins, both of whom clutched Susie even tighter and began gasping as they exploded in her body one after the other with meaningless grunts of animal passion.​


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After School

Part 3

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The following story describes GRAPHIC SEXUAL situations which are INTENDED TO BE READ BY ADULTS ONLY.

MR. DOUBLE is the Poster, the Author NOT.

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George stepped back and watched Susie's throat convulse as she greedily swallowed the torrent of come that spilled into her mouth. He saw his cousin Chris grimace in unbearable ecstasy as he pumped and spurted his juices deep into Susie's bowels. This set Susie off again, and her body writhed and twisted around the two impaling rods. The two hard cocks that had been supporting her softened rapidly, but fortunately George was there to catch the half senseless girl before she fell to the floor.

Poor George didn't know what to do. His cock was hard and eager and he held this sexy girl in his arms. She was naked beneath her skirt, and he had had the most vivid proof imaginable that she loved cock. After the session she had just been through, he knew she needed a rest, but his impatient cock wouldn't let him wait. He twisted her still quivering body in his arms until her pussy lips were pressed against his cock. Holding her slender body with one hand around her waist, he reached down to ready his cock to penetrate her when he felt a stern hand on his shoulder.

"No! No, George. Not right. Not like that. Not there. That for married peoples. You just wait a minute. Miss Susie let you do like Chris or Steve. You just wait and see."

Mrs. Vastos had pushed herself up from her chair and hobbled over to them. After speaking to him she continued on past them, heading for the other side of the kitchen. Susie had her feet on the ground now, but George still held her. His cock was pressed into her back, the cheeks of her ass pressing against his balls. His hands were under her T-shirt cupping and squeezing her tits.

Even though she was still panting and gasping for breath, Susie was reaching back, trying to find his cock and pull it into her, despite what Mrs,. Vastos had said. She didn't want the feelings to ever stop. George felt her fingers on his balls, and couldn't stop himself. His aunt didn't want him to screw this girl in the cunt, though he was sure she wouldn't mind at all, but he had to put his hot, hard cock somewhere quickly or he would spill his seed all over her back. Susie was still caressing his balls and squirming sensuously against him. While still glowing from the pleasure Chris and Steve Vastos had brought her, she was already looking forward to new thrills. She strained upwards; he bent his knees. Her fingers found the base of his cock and positioned it where she wanted it. He straightened his legs and suddenly his cock was in her, sliding freely and easily into her well-lubricated asshole.

Mrs. Vastos came hobbling back, pushing a steel cart ahead of her. It had two shelves, just two feet across, with the top one just at waist height. George already had Susie bent over and he was screwing his own rather substantial cock into her ass, holding her to him with a painfully tight grasp of her titties. Susie sighed and clutched her ass muscles down on him, and it was as if nothing had ever penetrated her there. George was amazed at the tightness and the heat.

Then both he and Susie felt a shock. His aunt had somehow manoeuvered the cart right under Susie's bent-over torso. George's knuckles scraped its surface as he continued to cling to her round titties. Susie gasped when the cold edge of the table met her over-heated belly. It just seemed to accentuate the fire within. She let herself fall forward onto it, grateful for the support. Now she had something to hold onto so she could screw her ass back against George's plunging cock.

"There now. That better? George has nice schlong, too, eh Miss Susie? But not like my boys."

"Oh Oh Ohhhh!" cried Susie as another orgasm swept over her. Her throat felt empty. but at least now she could cry out her pleasure and that always seemed to make it better. "Oh yes! Oh it's so good! Oh they're all so good. I love it! I love them! Oh, Mrs. Vastos, I love your family, their cocks, their schlongs. I want them in me. I want them all."

"Boys! You hear Miss Susie. No just stand there! Give Miss Susie your schlongs."

Chris and Steve had recovered from their exertions and had been watching with mounting excitement as their cousin carried on with what they had started. When they heard Susie cry out, and heard their mother's admonitions, they hurried over to stand in front of Susie.

Chris got there first. Susie's head hung over the edge of the cart at the perfect height. Without thinking about where his cock had just been, without thinking about anything but finding renewed satisfaction in the young girl's body, he pushed his long, limp sausage at Susie's lips. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and sucked it inside with a loud, lascivious slurp. Then she began to suck avidly, loving its dark musty taste. Her round ass squirmed enthusiastically as George's long cock skewered into her asshole. Chris Vastos's cock in her mouth swelled and swelled, quickly regaining all of its majestic size, turning her cries of pleasure into wordless whimpers. His brother stood impatiently in line behind him. Across the kitchen, Mr. and Mrs. Vastos sat side-by-side on their two chairs, watching proudly. They were holding hands.

When George's over-excited cock finally exploded and sent his flood of come to join his cousin's deep in Susie's ass, Chris quickly pulled his now huge, hard cock from her throat and hurried to replace his cousin. Susie moaned in protest as both cocks suddenly left her, but that moan turned to a sigh of contentment as Chris's great pole pushed its way into her pulsing asshole just seconds after George had pulled out. Her sigh was cut off by another cock poking at her lips. Without even looking up she swallowed it greedily.

The double fuckings went on and on, sending Susie into the convulsions of orgasm countless times, but always she wanted more and always there was another cock to plunge into her ass and another soft and savoury prick for her mouth. The two brothers and their cousin emptied their balls again and again into Susie's asshole and were sucked back to erection by her avid lips. Sometimes one or the other could not resist the tigh clasp of her throat and would let his cock burst in her mouth; then she had to suck up the next limp prick to be presented to her lips quickly or there would be no hard cock ready to replace the one one the point of exploding in her ass. But each time it took longer and longer for the men to come and Susie's ass was continually reamed by hard cock. She was in a state of near-perpetual orgasm, aware only of the hard flesh that filled her.

Then, at last her ass was empty. No hard cock rushed in to replace the one that had just spurted weakly inside her. She still had a tasty prick in her mouth, she did not know whose, but it refused to respond to the magic of her lips and tongue. Slowly she returned to her senses, her body still quivering, and reluctantly let the soft meat fall from between her lips. She looked up, conscious now of the hard shelf digging into her belly, squashing her tender titties. Steve Vastos stood sadly in front of her, looking down at her swollen lips and his limp and wrinkled prick. Susie pushed herself up and off the cart and looked behind her. Chris and George were sitting on the floor, their heads between their knees, their limp pricks drooping over their empty balls.

Susie looked at her rumpled and come-stained skirt. She really should have taken it off, she thought. Her T-shirt was wet with sweat and showed the hard points of her still excited nipples. There were even come stains on her sock and sneakers. She tried to straighten her clothes into some semblance of respectability. There was nothing more for her here. She knew from experience that it would be a long wait for any of the men to revive. When Susie drained a cock it was completely drained. She turned to face Mr. and Mrs. Vastos, who were still sitting together, hand-in-hand. The woman looked somewhat crestfallen.

"Oh Susie! What you do to my boys. They all wore out. Even their schlongs."

She was so proud of her sons' schlongs that she almost resented the fact that Susie had been able to defeat them. But she was basically a good-natured lady, and she had so enjoyed the sight of her sons and her nephew ploughing their big schlongs into Susie's tiny body. And Susie was so appreciative, said such wonderful things about them that her maternal pride returned and burned even brighter than before. Then her husband spoke.

"Miss Susie. I like watch you so much. My boys good boys. Good schlongs. Like father. Miss Susie, look!"

Miss Susie looked, and broke out into a big warm smile. There, rising proudly from the old man's still open fly, was his long, youthful-looking cock. Despite everything that had happened, Susie's mouth watered at the sight.

"Oh my! It's hard again, Mr. Vastos. Oh, how wonderful! It looks so delicious. can I taste it again? Please?"

Susie didn't even wait for an answer before kneeling in front of him and lovingly taking his rejuvenated cock into her sweet, warm mouth. She bobbed her head over his crotch and sucked happily. The old man's cock throbbed with excitement, and seemed to get harder and longer in her mouth, but no matter what tricks Susie played with her tongue and lips, he did not come. Susie was happy sucking on his wonderful cock but she also wanted to feel the old man's come shoot into her again. She lifted her mouth from his hard prick and rubbed it sensuously over her face, then kissed it and stood up to whisper into his wife's ear, her hands continuing to play with the noble schlong. Mrs Vastos frowned, but Susie continued to whisper urgently. Finally the woman turned to look at her husband, his face a grimace of pleasure and pain, and slowly nodded her head.

"Oh thank you, Mrs. Vastos! Thank you so much," Susie cried, before bending eagerly over the old man and kissing the ruby red head of his cock. Then she straddled the chair and the old man's lap, her hands positioning his cock as she sank down on it. But instead of her well-travelled asshole, his vigorous rod surged into her achingly empty and neglected cunt. And it felt so good that Susie came right away and her cunt muscles rippled along the length of the old man's shaft, making him gasp with pleasure and bury his head between her breasts.

Susie began to rise and fall on that wonderfully filling pole. It was so good and so different from what she had experienced with his sons. Susie clutched Mr. Vastos's head to her breasts and tried to fuck him to death. Up and down and around and around she screwed her ass, feeling his cock scrape against every inch of her hyper-sensitive cunt. And still the old man did not come, although his toothless jaws were biting at her titties as he sobbed and moaned in pleasure.

While she blindly rode the old man's cock, Susie felt hands on her ass. Many hands. Her T-shirt was pushed up, and her skirt. Then she felt other things that felt very much like long limp cocks press and rub against the flesh of her ass and back. Someone unhooked her skirt and pulled it up. She let go of Mr. Vastos's neck and lifted her arms so that both the T-shirt and skirt could be pulled right off, leaving her totally naked except for her Keds and socks. Now the limp cocks were rubbing all over her body, along with six hands that caressed and squeezed her flesh. Mr. Vastos sucked and munched on one titty, while unknown hands fought over possession of the other one. Fingers played over her belly and thighs, poked at her dripping asshole and even ran around the mouth of her cunt where the old man's cock was so deliciously trapped.

Susie couldn't stop coming. In fact she had hardly stopped coming since she had entered the kitchen. She squirmed and writhed under all this attention, clamping her cunt muscles around the cock that filled it as she rose and fell. But it was hard work and her legs were tiring. And still the old man didn't come. Then Susie felt a strange sensation. She was being lifted into the air, but the old man's cock was still locked firmly in her cunt. They were both being lifted, still joined delightfully together. Hands gripped her tightly, hardening cocks rubbed against her. Susie did not know what was happening, nor did she care as long as she had old Mr. vastos's wonderful cock inside her. Gently the fucking couple was lowered to the floor.

The old man's body fell back, his toothless gums slipping off Susie's breast. His wife was quick to put something under his head, even if it was Susie's skirt and T-shirt. She fell forward onto his frail body, rubbing her breasts over his chest and raining kisses onto his face. Mrs. Vastos protested in the background but Susie didn't care anymore as she glued her lips to the old man's. In this new position she could feel him trying his best to use his hips to push his cock into her. But he was too old and weak. His cock, on the other hand, was young and strong, and it throbbed mightily in Susie's deliriously happy pussy.

The many hands still caressed her with mounting fervour. Fingers poked at her asshole. The something else. A cock. She didn't know or care whose it was. She sobbed in happiness as the big cock pushed its way into her ass, side by side with the old man's in her cunt, and began to move. The fuck lasted for a long, long time, and Susie revelled in the double penetration. Her cries of passion mingled with the old man's as they both were driven mad by the friction of the fat cock plunging into her ass rubbing against the one in her cunt.

Susie began babbling senselessly, telling Mrs. Vastos that her family had the best schlongs in the world, that she wanted to have them in her all the time. She cried out with fierce joy as the cock in her ass throbbed and shot its painful load into her guts. There was not much of the wonderful liquid, but it made up for its volume with the force of its throbbing. But still the old man did not come, though he was squirming and moaning more and more frantically beneath her. Another cock slid easily into her ass, and screwed her steadily and fiercely until it too humped dryly and slipped away, only to be replaced by yet a third one. When that last cock had fucked her ass as much as it could and then given up, the old man was still hard and eager within her.

Tears of joy filled Susie's eyes. She could no longer talk or think. She was just a tangled mass of pleasure, all focussed on the miraculous pole that filled her cunt. She felt the old man stirring beneath her, pushing at her with his hands. She hoped desperately that he didn't want her to get off, and continued to grind her pussy into his crotch. Theo Vastos clenched his muscles and with every bit of strength left in him, suddenly rolled over until he was on top of a surprised Susie. Her head hit the floor with a thud, but she did not even feel it. Her legs shot up into the air and wrapped themselves around the old man's back. The only sound that came from her now was a loud, continuous keening wail. The explosions in her belly were too close together now to be distinguished from each other.

The old man plunged his cock into her with quick, rabbit-like thrusts that drove her hard against the floor. Susie clutched him tightly to her, glorying in the aggressiveness of his fucking. He slobbered feverishly over her titties. Susie screamed when he suddenly bit down hard on her nipple and convulsed on top of her. His cock throbbed mightily, spraying her burning pussy with his pent-

up come. Jolt after jolt of electricity surged through Susie's body as she felt him finally give her the juices she had so desperately craved.

The loving couple panted together on the floor. Around them was silence. The old man's sons and his nephew were speechless, incredulous, awed. Mrs. Vastos felt a surge of pride swell her already substantial bosom. Her Theo. Her Theo and his wonderful schlong. Was there ever another one like it? Susie didn't seem to think so, the way she was now showering it with grateful kisses and carefully licking it clean. Then, while Mrs. Vastos hugged her husband proudly and wondered if she might not have been premature in giving up "that", Susie turned to the three younger men and took their limp and soiled cocks into her mouth one last time, cleansing them of all trace of her ass and its juices.

Finally it was time to go. The Vastos family all helped her dress, but her clothes were a mess. All that fucking while she was still wearing them, and then the fucking on top of them had taken their toll. What would her mother say? She might not notice the absence of panties, but she was sure to notice the incredibly wrinkled skirt, stained with drying come and other darker stains, the dirty finger marks on the front of her T-shirt. Susie knew she would have to do something before she got home but she did not yet know what. Even going into the street like that would attract a lot of attention. But Susie was used to attracting attention on the street, so she prepared to continue her journey home from school. Then she remembered.

"Oh, Mrs. Vastos. I had so much fun I almost forgot my coke. How much do I owe you."

"Fifty cents. But you so nice to Theo and the boys, I give you for half-price. You give me only a quarter."

Susie protested, but twenty-five cents was all Mrs. Vastos would take. Susie was so happy and grateful for her wonderful experience that she would have given everything she had in thanks, so she made her promise that the next time she came she would definitely pay the full price no matter what might happen in the kitchen. It hardly seemed right that the poor old couple should lose out when she herself had had so much fun. And she was sure she would be back again very soon.

Chapter 4

Susie's legs felt a little weak as she walked down the street. She could still feel the Vastos family's huge schlongs in her asshole and taste them in her mouth, and the memory of the dear old man's cock in her cunt made her pussy twitch with remembered pleasure. She was so glad she had stopped at the restaurant and discovered the wonderful things they had that were not on the menu. She would like to eat there every day, but she doubted if there would be enough for her that often. Unless Mrs. Vastos had more relatives with big schlongs. She would have to ask. Her happy dreams were rudely interrupted.

"Hey sweetie! Wanna suck my cock?"

A delivery van had stopped next to her at a traffic light. The driver's obscenely grinning face looked down at her from the open window. His eyes took in every inch of the delectable sight, moving from the rounded slopes of her young ass, scarcely covered by the short skirt, to the thrusting mounds of her titties. He spat on the sidewalk.

"Ya wanna suck my cock? I got a big one."

The idea delighted Susie. She broke into a big smile as she turned to him and answered: "Sure! I'd love to!" A look of complete bewilderment flooded the man's face. She wasn't supposed to react like that. Susie stepped off the curb in front of the van and hurried towards the passenger door, carefully watching the traffic. If she had been paying more attention to the man in the van she would have seen the panic in his eyes as he saw her cross in front of him. Then she wouldn't have been so surprised when he suddenly pulled away the moment she touched the door handle, leaving her standing in the middle of the road.

Susie was disappointed. Her mouth was already salivating in anticipation. But she had seen the same thing happen before. All too often some man would make a remark as she passed, say he wanted to fuck her, and then, when she happily agreed, rush away in confusion. Men! She really didn't understand them sometimes. But she wanted them all the time.

The many men she had already had that afternoon: her teacher, the janitor,the vice-principal, Pop MacIntosh and the two salesmen, the entire Vastos family, were beginning to seem like distant memories. But she was nearly home. There probably wouldn't be too many more cocks falling in her path, and she still had to decide what to do about her clothes. Maybe she could think up some harmless explanation for her mother. Her father would understand. Ever since she had got up the courage to suck him off in the shower last month, he had begun to understand what a hot-assed daughter he had, and he knew that she fucked other men. Sometimes Susie thought he enjoyed the idea of other men fucking his daughter almost as much as he enjoyed fucking her himself. But her mother still didn't know.

She was lost in thought as she drew closer to her home. The excited barking of a neighbour's dog brought her back to reality. She was in front of the Reynolds house, just two doors away from her parents. Ralph and Lorna Reynolds had just moved into the neighbourhood a few months ago, and Susie didn't know them very well yet. However, she was quickly getting to know Ralph Reynolds. Since she had noticed that he usually left for work at the same time she left for school, she had made a point of joining him in his garage several times a week. Usually she sat in his car sucking his cock while he stood in front of the open door; sometimes she leaned over the hood of the car while he fucked her vigorously from behind. He was a nice man.

Mrs. Reynolds was sitting on the porch with a drink in her hand, watching their dog play in the front yard. The dog was bouncing energetically up and down in front of Susie. She bent to hug him, then walked up the walk towards the porch with the dog running after her. It was too bad it wasn't Mr. Reynolds. She would have liked to have his nice cock inside her right now. But maybe Mrs. Reynolds would help her with her clothes, let her clean them up a bit before she went home.

The dog seemed intoxicated by Susie's presence, his tail wagging furiously. He was a large, friendly dog of an unknown mixture of breeds. Lorna Reynolds called out to him sharply, telling him to leave Susie alone. But the poor animal could not. The scent that drifted from between her legs was setting him on fire. As Susie walked, she almost tripped over him several times; he danced alongside her, pushing his head under her skirt. When his cold nose brushed her inner thigh, Susie felt a thrill run through her.

She stopped at the porch steps. Mrs. Reynolds was looking curiously at her dishevelled appearance. The dog was still nosing around under her skirt, and began to lick her cum-coated thighs with his warm rasping tongue. He would not stop despite Lorna's orders to him to behave, and the feel of the dog's tongue on her sent strange shivers through Susie's body.

"It's all right, Mrs. Reynolds, he isn't bothering me. But could I ask you a favour?"

"Why, of course, Susie. What can I do for you?"

"Well, I'd just like to stop a minute and use your bathroom, maybe, to sort of try to clean up my clothes before my mother sees them. They got kind of messed up on the way home from school." It was very hard for Susie to talk with the dog's strong tongue now nearing her matted pussy hairs.

"Certainly, child. Come right in and we'll see what we can do for you. Rover! Stop that! I don't know what's got into you. Leave Susie alone!"

She opened the screen door and stepped aside to let Susie pass. Rover followed quickly. The stains on the young girl's clothes very very strange, and Mrs. Reynolds could not understand why her dog was so intent to get under Susie's skirt, nor why the girl did not seem to protest. As the door slammed behind them, the dog once more pushed his head right under Susie's short skirt, lifting it enough so that Mrs. Reynolds could see the young girl's naked behind. A strange feeling shot through her, one she tried to repress.

"But how on earth did your clothes get this way, Susie? I've never seen anything like it. And why aren't you wearing panties?"

Susie reflected a moment, then decided to be honest. There really was no other way to explain everything. If Mrs. Reynolds was too shocked she might tell her mother, but something in the older woman's attitude suggested to Susie that her secret would be safe. She wanted to see how the other woman would react, though she couldn't say exactly why.

"Well, I guess it's mostly come. I've been fucking a lot on the way home from school. Usually I get undressed, but sometimes there just isn't time. That's why I got rid of my panties to save time."

Lorna Reynolds didn't believe her ears. The muscles in her stomach contracted, her face flushed, and her breathing became difficult. Fucking! This sweet young girl! And talking about it so openly. It had to be true, too, she thought, looking more closely at the stains and breathing in the odour that surrounded the young girl. Come. It couldn't be anything else. And there was Rover, trying to lick it up, and Susie was letting him. It was incredible. She didn't know what to say.

"But . . . your boyfriend? What does he . . .?" she stammered, not knowing what she wanted to ask.

"Oh, I don't have a boy-friend, Mrs. Reynolds. Mom says that I'm too young to date. So I usually just fuck with men I meet on the way home."

Rover was still trying to push his head under Susie's skirt. His cold nose ran over her wet pussy lips, bumping against her clitoris and making Susie gasp. Lorna Reynolds could see what was happening, but she could not believe it. She stared in horrified fascination at the dog's head moving enthusiastically under the young girl's skirt. She knew that this was horrible, that she should put a stop to it right away, but she couldn't. Some strange tension filled her body.

"But . . you're so young. I can't believe . . . I mean who? . . . why? . . . how?"

Susie could see Mrs. Reynolds excitement and she wanted to see what would happen next. Calmly, she began telling of the adventures that had befallen her so far today on her way home from school. Of course she didn't name names. Susie was very discreet--she certainly would never mention Mr. Reynolds. And while she talked, she caresssed Rover's head as he began to lap at her juicy pussy.

Lorna could take no more. With a little moan of frustrated passion she pulled the girl away from the dog and pushed her towards the bathroom, hoping to escape the demons that were bedeviling her. Her mind was full of images of big cocks sliding into Susie's girlish cunt. It upset her and excited her terribly. She didn't know why, but her husband had scarcely made love to her more than once or twice in the past month. Now, her unreleased sexual tensions were making her tremble.

While she had been at university she had had a brief lesbian affair with her room-mate one year. It had not lasted long. Both had found boyfriends quickly. But it had been sweet and satisfying. The memories came flooding back as she looked over Susie's luscious body. Her pussy ached.

Angrily, she pushed the protesting dog out of the bathroom, but they could both hear him whining behind the door. Susie said nothing, merely smiled and waited. She could tell that this was going to be another wonderful adventure.

"O.K. now let's get those clothes off. We'll put them in the sink to soak, then we can just pop them into the dryer. If we need it, I can get out my iron. You'll soon be good as new."

Her voice was strained and her gestures awkward and stiff as she reached out to help Susie with her clothes. Her hands brushed nervously against the sides of the young girl's breasts as she pulled the T-shirt over her head, noting with suppressed excitement the traces of many hands where the fabric bulged around the swelling titties. Lorna's mouth watered when she saw those two delicious mounds. She bent to help pull the hopelessly wrinkled and stained skirt off those lovely legs. Her face was right in front of Susie's delicate young pussy. Its pink lips, still swollen from her fucking with Mr. Vastos, gleamed with Rover's saliva. Lorna could see spots of dried come that matted the silken hairs framing the delicious slit. She wanted to plunge her face into that marvelous valley, taste it with her own lips. But she could not bring herself to do it.

Slowly and reluctantly getting to her feet, she took the two discarded pieces of clothing and dropped them into the sink. Mechanically she sprinkled them with soap powder and ran the water. She had to get away or she would do something foolish.

"Here, Susie. You look after this. I'll go and find you something to wear in the meantime."

It hurt to tear herself away from that lovely body. Maybe if she's dressed, it will be easier, she thought. Her mind did not want to let her give in to her desires. All that had been long ago in the past. Now she was a married woman, respectable housewife. She should be reprimanding Susie, not lusting after her. But she couldn't stop the ache in her loins.

As soon as Lorna had hurried away, Rover managed to push his way into the bathroom. Susie was leaning over the sink, washing out her clothes. When she felt the dog's cold nose again on her warm flesh, she gasped and leaned over even further, thrusting her ass back at him to give him access to her slit. The dog began licking feverishly, sending his whole muzzle deep between her ass cheeks, sweeping his rough tongue from her pussy to her asshole, slurping up the remains of the gallons of come that had been squirted into Susie that afternoon. Susie squirmed her ass and sighed in pleasure.

When Lorna Reynolds returned with a bathrobe in her hand, she stopped outside the open door, hypnotised by the shocking sight in front of her. She couldn't move. The bathrobe dropped from her hand, and that same hand pressed tightly against her crotch and began rubbing. Susie suddenly cried out in pleasure. The dog's licking had already pushed her to an orgasm.

"Susie! Rover! Stop that! How can you let him do that, Susie! It's horrible, and I won't have it."

"What? Oh, I didn't notice," said Susie, turning to face her, letting the older woman take in a full view of her naked breasts and pussy. "But don't be mad at Rover. he was only playing. I don't mind."

Lorna pushed the dog away, even more angrily this time. She was aroused and jealous and she was trying desperately to fight both feelings. Seeing the dog with his tongue between susie's ass cheeks only made her desires seem that much more horrible and animalistic. Susie was sorry to see the dog go. Not only had his tongue felt so good on her pussy, but she had just noticed the long, red cock that had appeared beneath his belly. Even though it looked very different from any of the men's organs she had known, it was undeniably a cock, and Susie hated the idea of being so close to a hard cock that wasn't in her body someplace. Since there were always lots of men willing to fuck her, Susie had never even considered the possibility of animals. Now she did and the very idea excited her enormously. But she couldn't very well tell Mrs. Reynolds that she wanted to fuck her dog. Or could she? Mrs. Reynolds was looking at her very strangely.

"Here. My God! Your whole body is covered with that stuff. How many times did you . . . no, never mind, don't answer. Just let me wash you off."

Lorna began to rub at Susie's skin with a wet washcloth. Over her breasts and down across her belly to the mound of her pussy, then around and over the firm cheeks of her ass, then back to her proud young titties. The friction only added to Susie's excitement. She had already been brought to the boiling point by the dog. Now the lady of the house was making her boil over. Suddenly a small orgasm rippled through her. Susie closed her eyes and moaned.

When she opened them again, Lorna Reynolds was kneeling on the bathroom floor in front of her. The washcloth lay on the floor forgotten. The older woman's eyes were glazed. Slowly she leaned forward and touched her lips to Susie's pussy. Instinctively Susie grasped at her head. Few of the men she had known had done anything like that, and their lips were so different that it was another experience altogether. Susie wanted more of it. Lorna's hands moved up to clutch the firm contours of Susie's ass. She buried her face in the young girl's pussy and began madly sucking and licking.

Over and over again Susie's pussy exploded into orgasm under the woman's tongue. Her legs grew weak, her vision blurred. While Lorna frantically worked at her pussy with lips and tongue, Susie sank slowly to the bathroom floor, lost in a fog of pleasure such as she had never known before. Then the kissing stopped.

Lorna pulled the dazed young girl to her feet and led her quickly to the bedroom. She did not see an eager Rover follow them. Susie lay back on the bed as the older woman hurriedly striped off her own shorts, T-shirt, bra and panties leaving only her blue Keds on. But while she was doing so the dog suddenly leaped up onto the bed. Without thinking, Susie reached out and pulled him over her. His hairy belly rubbed sensuously against hers; his panting jaws fell between the twin hills of her titties; his long, red cock throbbed against her thigh.

"No Susie . . . Rover! No! No! You can't!" the woman cried out.

But Susie couldn't stop herself. Before Lorna's horrified and fascinated eyes, she reached down and set the dog's hard cock right at the entrance to her cunt. Despite the bizarre position, Rover reacted to the heat of her pussy lips on the end of his cock and, with one quick thrust, drove his dog prick deep into Susie's cunt. The girl let out a cry of delight and clutched his head to her breasts. His cock felt so hot within her it almost burned her pussy. It was so different from a man's and so good. The dog's rear end worked away like a jack-hammer, frantically pounding his long, thin cock into her as if she were a bitch in heat. Which she was.

It was wonderful. Susie writhed beneath her doggie lover, loving the feel of his fur, his claws on her, relishing most of all that incredible rapid-fire cock plunging into her like no man had ever done. Lorna could only watch. Never, in her wildest dreams had she imagined such a scene. Her fingers dug into her cunt, already leaking the juices of her passion, while her pet ploughed his animal cock into the sweet pussy she had just kissed. Susie's moans of pleasure drowned out all other sounds until the dog suddenly began to yelp and whine strangely. Susie hugged him even closer as she felt his cock jump within her and begin to shoot its fierce jets of dog-come into her all-devouring cunt. When she felt the knob of his cock swell up to gigantic proportions within her, Susie burst into another orgasm and blacked out from the overwhelming wave of pleasure that flooded over her.

When she awoke a few seconds later the dog was gone, though her body was still quivering in the after-effects of his fucking. Instead of his fur against her skin she felt the warm smooth flesh of Lorna Reynolds. Susie was so happy with her wonderful new experience that she impulsively threw her arms around the woman and kissed her lips.

Lorna was on fire. She had never felt so aroused and horny. Passionately she kissed Susie back on the lips, plunging her tongue into the surprised young girl's mouth. Then she moved her impassioned lips to the girl's tantalizing titties. In a frenzy of lust she licked and kissed those delicious mounds, biting at the nipples that shot into sudden erection as Susie felt arousal building in her again. Lorna wanted more than anything to plunge her face back into Susie's pussy, but the knowledge that it was now running over with dog come both excited her and repelled her. She didn't know what to do so she continued to gorge herself on the flesh of Susie's breasts.

Susie solved the problem for her. Twisting around on the bed, she rubbed her face against the older woman's large, heavy breasts, suckling at the big rubbery nipples as she had done at her mother's not too many years before. Then she kissed her way down across Lorna's round belly, nuzzling at her navel, before unhesitatingly plunging her face into the dripping mass of hair between the older woman's widespread thighs.

Only once before had Susie had sex with a woman, and she had liked it very much. Miss Betterton, her phys-ed teacher, had fucked her almost to death with a huge plastic cock before asking Susie to suck at her cunt. While it was nothing at all like taking a big fat cock into her mouth, Susie had quite happily licked away at the fragrant pussy until her teacher was ready to plunge the big dildo into her again. But she had never touched Susie's cunt with her mouth--only her hands and the grotesque plastic dildo.

Lorna Reynolds did not have a dildo, but she did have an active tongue and an overpowering thirst for the juices of Susie's pussy. As soon as Susie's tongue touched her cunt lips, she forgot about the dog come and began licking wildly at the girl's dripping cunt. The idea that her dog had just fucked that tiny hole, that she was probably sucking up a dog's come was so indescribably filthy that it plunged her into an erotic trance where every touch of Susie's tongue on her pussy sent new shudders of delight through her body. Susie slurped happily on the juices that flowed so copiously from this housewife's cunt, revelling in the sensation of a tongue in her own pussy. Her delirium was not in the same league as that of Lorna Reynolds, however. Something was missing.

The woman and the young girl rolled about wildly on the bed, heads locked to pussies. Being smaller and lighter, Susie usually ended up on top. Their first paroxysms had been dissolved in a dozen orgasms and they were both now quietly kissing each other's pussies, feeling the pressure begin to build again. Only then did Susie become aware of something else caressing her skin. Rover had been eagerly licking indiscriminately at their joined and sweaty bodies while they rolled about in their passionate frenzy, not noticing anything but each other.

When Susie lifted her face for a moment from Lorna's enveloping cunt, she caught sight of the dog's cock flopping again beneath his belly. She wanted it. She tried to reach it with her mouth but the dog had already moved away. Lorna's moans of frustration sent Suzie back to licking enthusiastically on the older woman's juicy cunt, but she tried at the same time to push her round little ass higher in the air and wiggle it to attract the dog's attention.

It worked. Soon the dog was licking at those ripe globes, pressing his narrow snout as far into Susie's ass crack as he could. His long tongue sometimes slipped over an unheeding Lorna's forehead, sometimes poked at Susie's asshole. Then she felt the sharp prick of the dog's claws digging into her skin as the animal awkwardly tried to climb on top of the tangled pile of human bodies. The white cheeks of Susie's ass, raised high in the air, triggered some instinctive mechanism in his head and soon he was straddling her body, poking at her hips with his hard cock, trying to find an opening to plunge it into. One desperate lunge sent his cock skidding down Susie's ass crack and in alongside Lorna's nose where it was caught between the older woman's face and the cheeks of Susie's ass. He moved in and out of that warm channel for a few strokes before his long red prick flopped free again. Rover continued pumping furiously, bouncing his hard prick off Susie's tender ass, almost bruising her with the strength of his lunges. But he could not find an opening.

Susie moaned in frustration. The dog couldn't find her hole. Lorna's face completely covered her pussy, and her tiny little asshole was too small a target. Lorna had felt the heat of the dog's hard prick as it rubbed against her cheek, but she did not know what it was. She opened her dazed eyes and found herself looking directly at the dog's balls, as they swung back and forth with his every lunge. When she realized what it was, she turned her eyes up and watched in horror as the hard red prong pounded the young girl's ass. Now that Lorna had stopped licking, Susie wanted the dog's prick more than ever.

"Oh help him! Help him, please, Mrs. Reynolds. Oh please help him put it in me. Oh I want it so much. Lick me, suck me, too. Don't stop. Only help him! Help me, please!"

But Lorna could do nothing. It was too horrible. She closed her eyes and began to suck on Susie's delicious pussy again, trying to shut out of her mind the vision of the dog's long, red cock. Susie squirmed against her tongue and Rover continued to thrust. Finally he found the target. Susie gasped as the head of the dog's cock pushed suddenly against her asshole. She pushed back against it and it popped right inside. Then, as Rover whined excitedly, his furious thrusts drove the entire length of his prick into Susie's receptive ass.

Every once in a while the dog's balls brushed over Lorna's forehead. She could feel the bristly hair and the inhuman heat of his flesh but she tried to pretend it wasn't there. She could feel that Susie had stopped sucking her, and she moaned unhappily, but she couldn't stop herself from wanting to keep her lips glued to that wonderful young pussy, no matter what awful things were happening. But every time she felt the dog's balls rub over her head, she shuddered violently and sucked even harder on Susie's pussy

Susie had stopped licking because, soon after Rover had finally penetrated her ass, she had heard someone else come into the room. She cried out as Rover thrust particularly deep into her and opened her eyes. Ralph Reynolds stood there in the doorway in shocked silence, watching the obscene trio on the bed. After the last few weeks, nothing Susie did in the realm of sex would have surprised him, but he had never imagined the sweet young girl being screwed by a large hairy dog. His dog. And his wife. He didn't believe it, but his cock did. It throbbed with sudden urgency in his pants. Susie's lust-dazed eyes were focussed right on his crotch and she licked her lips even as the tongue in her pussy and the dog cock in her ass drove her to another orgasm.

Ralph dropped his briefcase and fumbled frantically with his zipper. In a few seconds he was on the bed with them, kneeling between his wife's outstretched legs, squatting over Susie's face and feeding his hardening cock between her lips. Susie sucked voraciously as he began driving in and out of her mouth. Every thrust pressed Susie's chin against Lorna's clitoris, and let his balls slap against his wife's cunt lips. The sight of the dog below him, digging his claws desperately into Susie's back as he drove his prick into her asshole was incredibly exciting.

Ralph Reynolds fucked her throat, Rover was furiously pounding his dog-cock into her asshole, and Lorna Reynolds was sucking more desperately than ever at her cunt. It was too good to be true, but Susie welcomed them all. Her body convulsed with pleasure. Her titties dug into Lorna's stomach while the woman's larger, softer breasts pressed against her. Rover was shuttling his long hard cock in and out of her asshole faster and faster while she sucked avidly at the cock buried in her throat.

Then Rover barked wildly and his cock jerked deep in Susie's ass as he sent sharp jets of come into her for the second time. His swelling cock stretched her asshole deliciously, especially when he tried to immediately pull it out. As the dog scrambled from her body, his still dribbling cock was dragged over Lorna's face, leaving a trail of sticky dog-come on her forehead and in her hair. Lorna felt it and shuddered into her own orgasm at the thought of what it was.

Susie concentrated her efforts on the prick that filled her mouth. Ralph was so aroused by the scene that he couldn't hold back. He grabbed Susie's head and plunged his cock as far into her throat as he could, holding it there as it throbbed and spurted its load directly into her belly. Then he pulled it back and Susie sucked happily on the shrinking cockhead until it became too painful for him and he had to pull it out. Rover sat in a corner, licking at himself. The two women were left alone, still entangled in their passionate sixty-nine. With no other distractions they both brought each other to yet another orgasm before they fell limply apart. Ralph watched them, lying wearily side-by-side on the bed, lazily showering kisses on each other's pussies. But these were kisses of gratitude, not passion.

When she looked up and saw her husband standing there with his limp and dripping cock hanging out of his pants, Lorna was shocked and totally confused. She hadn't even known he was there, too lost in Susie's pussy and thoughts of the dog to notice the late addition to their games. A pang of jealousy shot through her. Susie must have sucked her husband's cock. But jealousy was quickly replaced by fear. She had been caught completely naked, sucking the cunt of a thirteen-year old girl, sucking dog-come out of that cunt. And she, the responsible adult, had let it all happen. What would her husband say or do? What could she say? Would she go to jail? How would she ever live down the shame of it all? And what was worse, would it never happen again?

Ralph said nothing. The same sort of thoughts had run through his head at first. Now he had other ideas. He slowly undressed. Rover sat in his corner and watched. Susie's eyes went from husband to wife. What was going to happen? Whatever it was, she was ready for it.

What happened was the following: Ralph Reynolds sat on the bed between the two women. At his suggestion Susie took his cock into her mouth again and began sucking it back to life. Mrs. Reynolds couldn't resist the sight of Susie's round white ass in the air and, with her husband's blessing, she began sucking, this time at the girl's asshole, savouring the viscous liquid that flowed from it. Before Ralph was ready to come he pulled his cock from Susie's mouth and pushed his wife away from the girl's ass. Then he knelt behind her and plunged his cock into her cunt, fucking her as vigorously as he had that morning over the hood of their ancient Ford. Susie squirmed about until she could get her mouth on Lorna's twat, and sucked the wife's pussy while the husband reamed her cunt from behind. When Ralph finally spilled his load into her belly, both Susie and Lorna were quivering with orgasm.

The three of them sat and talked then about what had happened. Lorna was so ashamed she could hardly speak. She didn't even look at the other two as Susie tried to tell her that it had all been wonderful and perfectly natural. Neither Susie nor Ralph mentioned their meetings in the garage--it didn't seem appropriate. Rover came back unnoticed to the bed and suddenly thrust his long tongue into Lorna's gleaming pussy. With a horrified cry she pushed the dog away and leaped to her feet. Susie's clothes, she babbled. She had forgotten all about them. Susie started to get up but Lorna insisted on going herself. She had to get away from Rover. She couldn't let herself give into such horrible lusts.

When she returned a few minutes later, she found Susie kneeling on the floor over Rover's body, with his long red cock deep in her throat. Behind her, Ralph was plunging his re-invigorated cock into the girl's asshole. While Lorna watched jealously, the dog erupted in Susie's throat and the man exploded in her ass. Susie happily swallowed everything they had to give her.

Neither man nor dog was capable of more, but Lorna was terribly excited again. She got on her knees and sucked her husband's come from Susie's ass while the young girl cleaned the man's cock and balls with her questing tongue. When Rover began licking at his mistress's ass, she was too overcome with lust to make him stop--or even to want him to stop. Later Susie helped the dog mount a kneeling and trembling Lorna and fuck her to a mighty climax while her husband fed his limp cock to her voracious lips.

Finally it was time for Susie to go. Mrs. Reynolds could only watch in limp exhaustion as Susie slipped into her sparkling clean clothes. Susie kissed the husband and wife goodbye, hugged the dog and headed out into the twilight, leaving the three of them on the soiled and messy bed. The Reynolds family would never be the same again.

She was very late. Her mother would be worried, then angry, Susie knew. But she didn't mind. It had been a lovely walk home from school. Even nicer than yesterday when she had met that motorcycle gang. She bounced happily into the house.

"Hi Mom! I'm home!"

"At last! Where on earth have you been? You know how I worry when you're late. And you've missed supper."

"Oh, I just stopped to talk to some people. And I played with the Reynolds' dog. Nothing special. Don't bother about supper, I'm not really hungry. I had some hot-dogs to eat."

"Nothing special? You've been coming home later and later the past few months. I don't know what's gotten into you lately."

Susie laughed and her father looked pained. She knew exactly what had got into her and it had been great. But tomorrow was another day. She could hardly wait.

The End