Anyone with programming skills around?


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Dec 2, 2007
Basically as the title states…I’m looking for folks with programming skills that might be interested in working on a project together.

At a high leve, I’m looking to create a tool for porn fans to locate their preferred sneaker content faster and easier using the widely available tube/streaming platforms.

I’ve noticed two things lately that are getting old..
1. Most tube sites aren’t tagging with specific brand or sneakers/shoes/etc. I try to Good Samaritan this by tagging or commenting when possible and also adding to playlists makes it easier to recall and allow others to pick up via search engines.

2. Finding good content requires detective skills like tracking an adult site, movie series, or actress that tends to feature sneakers.

I’d like to improve this beyond manual sleuthing.

If you have experience or enough willingness to learn about AI/ML, Python, data modeling - we might be able to join forces and bring this vision to fruition.

PM me for more details.


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Jul 17, 2003
I’ve dreamed about training an ML solution to find sneakers in tube videos — I guess like google reverse image search for video.

Maybe the bigger idea here is to generalize it into your own tube site with automated excellent image segmentation and tagging and then sell that to Mindgeek for a few million dollars…