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Apr 7, 2022
Hey, I tried myself at writing a story and thought of sharing it here.
Since I didn't got everything in it, here are a few informations. The story is about a pair of university students called Lisa and Claire(both 24), who find a new thing to do, which will involve Converse shoes.
I hope you enjoy it. And the obligatory English is not my first language, so sorry in advance, if things are rough to read.

The start
Lisa was sitting on a bed and staring on the screen of a laptop. She blew a strain of blond hair out of her face and looked with fascination on what happened on the screen.
A brown haired woman opened the door to the bedroom and entered it. Like Lisa, she only wore panties and a bra. "Seems like you found something good for us" she said with quite laughter. "Yeah. Look at this Claire, I think we should try that out." Lisa answered and pointed to the screen. Claire got on the bed and sat behinde Lisa, putting her head on her shoulder and watching the screen. On it was a video of a porn side. Lisa set the video back and pressed play. The video showed two women in black low cut converse chucks. First they talk about the smell of them and start to argue over whose smells worste. To get an answer, they start smelling each other's chucks. One part of the video, while still on their feet, one part they take them off and smell them without the feet.
Lisa felt a prickle in her panties while watching it again. She looked over to her girlfriend, who looked fascinated at the screen. One of her hands hovered over her blue striped panties.
"This seems fun, we really should try that" said Claire, after the video was over.
"Hey, didn't you wear a pair of converse when you came over?" She asked Lisa
"That's right, I did. They are red, not black, but that shouldn't be a problem. You have a pair of low cut chucks aswell right?" asked Lisa back.
"Yep, I have a few. There is a black pair of course. Let me get the shoes, you take care of the laptop." Said Claire, as she was leaving the bedroom. Lisa closed the Laptop and put it on a desk in the room. On the way back to the bed she checked herself in a mirror. "Fitting color for today!" She thought to herself as she looked at her red bra and panties. She saw her long blond hair and bound it together" better keep them at bay" she thought.
Soon after Lisa sat back on the bed, Claire entered with two pair of converse shoes. A black and a red pair. She handed Lisa the red pair. Both girls put their shoes on and sat on the bed facing each other. "So, I guess we start with one foot each?" suggested Lisa. " Sounds good." Said Claire and stretched her right leg towards Lisa, who did the same.
Lisa saw herself face to face the sole of Claire's converse. She took the food in her hands and moved it a bit around , unsure, where to start. A faint smell came from the shoe. She couldn't get it really, so she pulled her nose closer. Soon the smell hit her. It was a combination of salty sweat, fabric rubber and leather. But also a sweet smell. The smell was indescribable for her. She only knew, she liked it and wanted to smell more.
Lisa wandered the converse with her nose, starting at the toecap over the laces to the ankle. From an earlier experiment she knew how her girlfriends feet smell, but even that smell got upgraded. She pulled the side of the ankle part and got a good wiff of the inside. This smell was even stronger, so she had to pull her head back. With a statisfied sigh she looked over to her girlfriend, who she completely forgot in the time of smelling action. Claire took big breaths of the inside of Lisas converse.
"The smell right?" Lisa asked
"Hell yeah, this is like.... I can't even discribe it, it just so woah!" answered Claire ecstatic.
"I feel the same. It took me in complete." said Lisa, happy, that her girlfriend shared the feelings. "Want to test the other foot?" She asked while lifting her leg towards Claire.
"Sure" she answered while giving the smelled converse a few strokes, before letting it go and taking the new one. Lisa came to face an unsniffed shoe aswell.
This time she carefully ran her fingers over the shoe, feeling the sole, the laces and the all star labes at the heel and on the tongue before getting closer and taking the smell in. Again the indescribable smell hit her and she wanted to take it all in. After getting a few good breaths of the shoe a thought came to her. Even thinking it made her stomach tumble and her heart pounding. The thought, if it smells good, it must taste good, filled her. She looked at the converse in her hand, ran her finger over the fabric and the toecap, took one big breath of the converse smell bevor putting her tounge out. She put her tongue on the canvas and licked a line to the toecap. After reaching the end she let the taste on her tongue and waited for it to set in. Suddenly she felt like something changed. She looked over her girlfriend, who looked with open mouth to her foot. Following her view, Lisa noticed the converse in her hands was completely wet and drenched in saliva.
"That was insane!" were Claires first words "And hot" she added
"W..what happened?" Lisa asked perplexed
"You don't remember? You just went feral on my chuck and foot. You licked it like it was melting ice!" answered Claire with an impressive tone in her voice
"I couldn't even get it back from you. And wow, your tongue work was something, you even licked the inside with my foot in it, felt great, but that was... that really was something.
Lisa tried to remember, what happened. Slowly something came to her mind. The taste, she wanted to taste it again and again. She liked it, more so, she loved it. It was a combination of many different tastes but a sweet and salty taste stays with her.
"I think i remember it a bit now. You have to lick one, they taste even better, than they smell." said Lisa first slowly but more ecstatic to the end.
"Really? I mean something had to be good, but that was really extreme." Claire showed a bit of hesitation, but looked at the red converse on Lisas foot with curiosity.
"You said it felt great, so I want to feel it too. Come on, let's see how good it tastes." Said Lisa and pushed her foot closer to Claire.
Claire bit her lips and looked at Lisas shoe. Waiting on what her girlfriend will do, Lisa looked at the wet converse in her hands. The rubber was shining and the canvas was drenched. When she rubbed over the side with one of her fingers the shoe squeaked a bit. Lisa put her girlfriends foot down between her legs and noticed, that her panties had a wet spot. Reaching into them she felt, that she came during this experience.
Looking at the unlicked converse of her girlfriend, she lifted the corresponding foot up. At the same time a thunder crawled up her leg. A strange feeling was wandering over her foot. She looked to her girlfriend, whose tongue was running over her red converse. She started from the toecap and ended with the heel, over and over. Every lick followed a new path close by each other. It was methodical but had a rythem to it.
Lisa liked the feeling of the tongue going over the canvas. When the tongue reached her clear foot, she had to giggle a bit.
"See, was that so hard?" She asked, but Claire gave no answer.
"Well, she is gone." Thought Lisa to herself.
Since she didn't knew how long this will go, she gave her girlfriends other converse a lick. Strangely, she didn't lost control, but the indescribable taste was back, so she went on with it, this time planing, where to lick.
She started with the sole. Starting from the heel, she licked straight to the toes. Closing her eyes, she tried to imagine the structure of the sole just by the feel of her tongue. Once she faced a completely wet sole, she went on with the laces. Her girlfriend bound them in a classic cross formation, so Lisa chose to lick them up and down. While not as salty as the canvas, the stronger taste of other things made up for it. Especially putting the not in her mouth was funny for her, as the thought of a mouthful with laces was arousing for her.
Looking over to her girlfriend, who still went on with the converse, without showing sings of being back, Lisa started licking the canvas, with a few breaks to lick the side rubber. The All star Tag at the back catched her attention. It was sweeter than most parts, especially the rubber. She licked multiple times, and it still was a sweet taste. One corner was a bit loose, so she put her teeth on it and bit a bit off. Even when eaten the sweet taste remains. She was about to go again, as a shoe was pressed against her lower body.
"Hey, not eating my shoe okay?" demanded Claire jokingly.
"You are back?" asked Lisa
"Yeah, wow you were not joking with the taste, completely lost myself in it" said Claire
"Good thing, it will not happen again, just tested it." said Lisa and lifted the shoe in her hands a bit up
"That really is great! So I can experience the other one full!" said Claire happily and picked up Lisas other converse.
"There is one thing I want to test." said Lisa, as she was playing with the knot of the laces. "Mind, if I take it off?" she asked
"Do what you want" was Claires answer, who licked along the side of Lisas converse.
Lisa opened the knot and pulled the chuck from her girlfriends food. She loosened the laces and pushed the tongue of the shoe up, so the inside was completely accessible. A footprint was visible on the inner sole.
Lisa took a deep breath of the inside, before she began licking the inside. She started with the canvas and enjoyed the stronger taste of sweat.
As her tongue was touching the sole, she nearly lost herself again. The taste was the strongest there. Every part, where her girlfriends foot left a mark was a new taste discovery. She covered every inch with her tongue as saw a completely soaked sole as a result.
With a grin she put the converse back on her girlfriends foot, who squeaked a bit.
"It's strange to feel something wet on my foot." said Claire
"Why don't you return the favor." said Lisa with a grin and laid back on the bed.
She felt her shoe leaving her foot.
While laying on the felt she felt the exhaustion setting in. She must have ignored multiple orgasm for that and the feeling in her panties showed, that this was correct.
A wet sole was pressed against her foot and she only gave a satisfied breath.
The face of her girlfriend appeared over her face and both shared a long kiss, during wich the taste of the chucks came back in their mouths. "I'm done." said Lisa and crawled to the end of the bed with the pillows.
"Same." said Claire and followed her.
Both girls shared another kiss, before they pulled the blanked over them.
Only the sound of squeaking converse was heard, before both girls fell into sleep.
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Apr 7, 2022
I wrote a follow up story. I will try to follow a straight timeline for now. Got a few story ideas left.

The plan for the weekend
Lisa stared at her books on the desk. She knew, that she had to prepare for the following week, but nothing sparked her interest.
It was Sunday, two days after her stay with Claire. The memory of the night was still in her brain. She laid back in her chair with a sigh. The coming week was packed with tasks for the university for them both, so they can only meet the next weekend again. It just wasn't fair for her. So many new things to test out and no time to do it.
Lisas phone buzzed. It was a massage from Claire. Lisa opened the massage quickly.
"Hey, I know we both will not see each other much next week, so I got an idea for the weekend." Was the massage, with Claire still typing an other one.
An picture of a pairs of white high-top converse appeared with an other massage
"We could use this week to test out how much wearing them influences smell and taste. I will try it with these. They are old sport shoes I just found. They already smell good, so they are a good test material." was the message
Lisa tapped on the photo to look at it. The shoes showed sings of wear. The rubber parts started to darken as well as the canvas. Lisa knew, that she wanted to smell and lick them.
With her phone in the hand Lisa walked to her closet. Without giving it much thought before she already got a big collection of converse shoes. Looking through different Modells and colors, she noticed two pairs. Both were high-tops. One in an egg like color, the other one in a darker red tone. First she took the darker red pair, placed it on the floor, took a picture and she sent it to her girlfriend with the text
"Sounds great, i will also use a pair of sports chucks. They are good used, so be ready." The shoes were from the time she started going to the university. Everyone told her, that sitting around all day was bad, so she got a membership at a gym. Since she didn't wanted to change every time she went there, she choose a pair of converse as her sport shoes. The gym membership lasted till last year, when she had to work at her bachelor. After that, the chucks were dormant in the closet.
Next she took the egg colored and went to her bed.
The shoes were two numbers bigger than the other shoes Lisa owned. Lisa took the right one in her hands and looked at it from all angels. The shoe showed sings of heavy wear. The end of the shoe was curved, the sole started to flatten and the sides near the toecap were a bit torn.
Lisa remembered, that these were the shoes of an old roommate of her. She borrowed them for a Halloween costume and never had the chance to give them back, cause the girl moved away shortly after.
The roommates name was Hanna. A girl of the same age, who just returned from a work and travel year in Australia. Hanna was a very active girl, always on the move, always something to do. Whatever it was, a sport fest or a party, her short brown hair could always be found.
Lisa remembered, joking about the chucks with Hanna, cause she wore them during the travel year and a long time after that. It was like she didn't had any other shoes. Wearing them felt awkward, cause they were really sweaty. Strange, that she forgot them in the end, thought Lisa.
Looking into the shoes Lisa found sweat spots on the canvas and an insole with a perfect footprint. Lisa wanted to lick the shoe.
"Is it cheating, when I lick an other girls shoe?" She questions herself.
"Well, technically they were in my closet, so they belong to me. Plus I can later share them with Claire." Was here answer.
Not wanting to argue with herself, having a distraction from the following week and with the strong desire to taste Hannas converse, she put the foot hole over her mouth and nose and took a deep breath.
The smell was different than her girlfriends, but still good. Lisa had not figured out a way to describe smell and taste, but she had made a mental note to do this.
After breathing the shoe in for a few minutes, Lisa looked at the converse again, not sure, where to start with the licking. She knew, that the inside was the last part, as it looked the most promising , but everything on the outside looked evenly tasty to her.
In the end, she went with her first impulse and licked over the toecap.
The rubber tasted sweet and a bit like the smell. Lisa started the theory, that the rubber is the generell taste of the converse and the canvas is more like the person, who wore it.
To prove that, she gave the outer heel a long lick, starting from the bottom to the top.
The Hanna-smell taste was stronger, so Lisa took the prove with a nod to herself.
Looking at the converse symbole on the side, she got curios, how that will taste, as it wasn't on Claires low cut.
Running her tongue over it, while trying not to lick the canvas, it was more the converse taste.
Lisa put the canvas part of the heel on her tongue and turned the shoe from one side to the other. That way she ran lanes over the heel while going up, one close to the next one.
A buzzing phone got Lisas attention. Returning to licking the toecap, she looked at her phone. "Holding it like a lollipop" she joked to herself.
The message was from Claire.
"They look great, can't wait to see you in them. And can't wait to :p them." Was the massage
Lisa pushed the toecap in her mouth and bit on the converse, so she had her hands free. While her tongue followed the structure of the frontside she wrote
"And they can't wait to meet you. You have a break at 12 tomorrow right? Let's meet at the cantina and compare the look of them." Wrote Lisa back.
Having the converse between her teeth, Lisa bite stronger and weaker on it. The way it felt was great. While chewing on it, she looked at the other part of the pair. The converse showed the same sings of wear. Lisa ran her finger over the sole. While there is normally a landscape of hills, this one was more of a landscape of small walls.
Lisa took the converse out of her mouth and licked over the sole. It was a different feeling from the last time she did this.
Before taking her time with the inside, she gave the All Star tag a lick. The sweet taste was back. Thanks to the run down heel, she also gave the side of the sole a lick. It was a funny feeling for her to lick multiple parts of the converse when she only licked a small part of it.
Finally done with the outside, she moved on the the inside.
Right on the side, where the converse logo is, was a darker spot on the canvas. Lisa put her tongue on the spot and licked straight upwards. The taste exploded in her mouth. All the feelings from the day with Claire came back stronger. She gave the foothole multiple licks, before folding the sides of the converse and getting better excess to the sole. She put the tip of her tongue carefully on the insole. The same tip was enough for her to pull the shoe away. She had to be careful to not overdo it. Lisa knew, that she had something great, that she needs to share with Claire, when the time is right for it. She placed the licked converse on a window board to let it dry.
Before going back to her books, she smelled her own chucks for the week. A nice smell was there, but she had to wear them, to bring it back full.
"Better start now." She said to herself. Lisa took her socks off, put the dark red converse on and made a tight knot. Happy with that plan she finally went back to the books.