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Sep 16, 2015
Back when I was young and constantly horny, our family couldn't afford to go to a movie theater very often. Like many others, we went with a more-economical alternative: renting VHS videos from a nearby business that specialized in such items. On one occasion we chose a a comedy called Saturday The 14th, a parody (or not) of the very-popular horror franchise. As with most low-budget 80's films of this variety. the movie was pretty cheesy with its forced humor and not all that memorable. One element that did pique my interest (and another body part) was the young daughter Debbie, played by the hottie Kari Michaelsen (who was actually 18-19 at the time of filming). She wore Nike sneakers in several scenes -- including one where she removes her shoes and the rest of her clothing to take a bath. I remember becoming fixated on this part and holing up in my bedroom the night before we had to return the video, excitedly watching the scene frame by frame.

Kari Michaelsen went on to land a part in the sitcom Gimme A Break and roles in several other minor TV shows and films. Now age 60, she currently hosts the program In The Spotlight on ABC 3.

Saturday The 14th was released theatrically in 1981 (in those days nothing went straight to video) and made its DVD debut in 2001. It appears to be available on several streaming platforms. I've attached the scene I described and several minutes beyond that, where you can experience the thrill of watching Debbie/Kari running around clad only in a towel.

Do any of you remember this movie and actress?


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