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Guys and TGs in Keds Champs!


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Re: Guys and TGs in Keds Champs!

I must admit I like Guys and TG's wearing sneakers, and especially converse ( only converse in fact ). I realized that a man, as young as me ( I'm 19 ) or younger, can be very sexy, and as sexy as women are wearing chucks. My GF wears chucks ( only one pair, and because I asked her to buy one, but better than nothing : ow she accepts to keep them on during sex ), but I would be very excited to find a young boy, or even a TG not too old, to satisfy my fetish :icon_chee. Maybe there's one on this group, living in Paris... ?

P.S. : Please excuse my poor English...
You ever find someone to satisfy your fetish? My gf wears converse and vans in bed for me too but have always wanted to try it out with a guy
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