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Jun 12, 2003
Horse Play

By: Joe Smith

It was a Saturday evening in the middle of summer when my wife decided she wanted to go visit a friend of ours who raises horses. This friend of ours is single and he is about six years younger then us. I have known for some time that my wife was turned on by him but I did not know if she would ever do anything about it. I told her to go ahead and I would stay home, so she agreed to that and started to get cleaned up and ready to go. I was sitting in the living room when she came out and said that she was ready to go. I got up to tell her good bye and enjoy herself and that is when I saw what she was wearing. She had a pair of tight jean shorts, a white tank top, and her white canvas Keds with no socks. I could not believe how sexy my wife looked and I could not wait for her to get home. I gave her a kiss good bye and she left.

When my wife arrived at our friends she saw that he was down in the horse barn doing chores. That was fine with my wife as she really wanted to see the horse that he had just bought. She walked in the barn and he was just finishing up feeding for the nite. They said hi to each other and immediately started talking about the horses. He could not keep his eyes off my wife and kept checking out her nice body. She knew this and it started to turn her on. She did not know how far this would go but she was not going to stop anything. They both went over to the last stall in the barn to look at his latest purchase. While they were looking into the stall she felt him gently brush up against her body. This was really starting to make her hot but she did not want get in a hurry and scare him off. Just then he reached around and pulled her over to him. Without saying a word he started to kiss her. She responded by kissing him deeply. This went on for awhile. As they kissed he gently caressed her nice body. It was already dark outside so he took her by the hand and led her out of the barn over by a corral that he uses for training. They held each other and started kissing again. He started slowly taking her shorts off and worked them over her sneakers. He was pretty surprised to see that my wife did not have any panties on. They stood in the moon light as he held her close while he started exploring her body. He reached down between her legs and started a slow massage around her pussy. This drove my wife crazy as she slowly moved her body to his touch. Then his finger found its way into her moist pussy. She could not stand it anymore as he fingered her pussy and massaged her breasts with his other hand. Then he took her by the hand and led her into the corral. He laid her down on the freshly groomed ground in the corral. The sand he used in the corral was soft on her back as she laid there waiting for his next move. He slowly took his clothes off and lowered himself to her. She saw his hard cock as he lowered to her. He reached down and slipped her sneakers off of her and laid them in the sand. Then he started kissing her breasts and working his way down to her pussy. When he reached her pussy with his tongue she was about to explode. He slowly licked and sucked on her clit as he slid his finger in and out of her pussy. Then he moved up her body and she could feel the head of his cock brushing against her pussy. As he started kissing her he slid his tongue into her mouth. Just then she felt his hard cock start to enter her pussy. He slowly moved back and forth careful not to let her have it all at once. She could not take the teasing anymore so she reached around his ass and pulled him all the way into her. He started out slow then he began to pump his cock into her hard and fast. This was bringing her close to cumming herself. Then he kissed her and told her to cum with him. That was all she needed to put her over the edge. Then he stiffened up and she felt his cock get hard and start pumping his hot cum into her. She responded by wrapping her legs tight around him as she started cumming with him. It seemed to last forever then they collapsed in each others arms. All my wife could think about was all the years of teasing that she had gone through and now that was over. She could not believe how good it felt. They laid there awhile before they decided they had better get dressed before they got caught. She slipped her shorts back on and found her keds covered in dirt and sand. She did not even take the time to brush them off she just slipped her sand covered feet back into them. He walked her to her car and gave her a good bye kiss and she left.

On the drive home all she could think about was how good it was and how turned on I would be knowing that she just had sex with a friend of ours. As she drove she could feel the sand and dirt working around in her keds. She knew this would turn me on since she was pretty sweaty from her outing and it was making the dirt stick to her keds. It was late when she got home. When I heard her pull in the drive I met her at the door. She walked in and just smiled at me. I noticed that her keds were dirty and her hair was slightly messed up. She put her arms around me and started to tell me what had happened. I was surprised at what had happened and it turned me on knowing what my wife had just done. It did not take long for us to make it to the bedroom but that is another story.