Hot neighbor's Shoes


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Mar 24, 2008
Got some more pictures for you all. This week I moved into a new apartment, which has a common atrium for all the apartments in the complex. The apartment across from me has two really cute girls in it, and after a few days I noticed they liked to keep their shoes outside of their door. I'm a sucker for any Keds shoes and one night there was a pair of them laying outside. I couldn't pass up the opportunity so I snagged em and had my way with them. I didn't clean them up and put them back.

Here's some pics of them.


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Re: Hot neighbor's Shoes

lucky guy, how did they smell? post any more repeat runs, its hot when an unsuspecting neighbor slips it back on not knowing
Re: Hot neighbor's Shoes

They smelled amazing. They still had the fresh leather smell, but mixed with her own scent, since she had been wearing them a lot from the looks of them.

I've also been on the lookout to see if she leaves them out again. But, I did see her wearing them after I had my way with them. It was one of the hottest things ever!
Re: Hot neighbor's Shoes

Indeed, I live with two girls who both wear Cons. One has 2 pairs of black hi-tops and the other has several pairs of low tops. They both look really good in their Cons. Unfortunately, I won't be back there for another 2 months, so no pics or any play with them till then.