Pedal Pumping in keds



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Jan 21, 2006
Re: Pedal Pumping in keds

I would be glad to but I don't have a digital camera. We have many photos of us wearing them together. You know I guess I'm just very lucky to have a wife that likes Keds and us wearing them together. She's not at all into the "Keds fetish" or anything like that, she just thinks Keds are neat looking shoes that go with almost anything. I'm just glad she appreiciates the fact that I like them and like wearing them to. It's just awesome to get to walk into a store wearing Keds with your wife and each of us try on and buy them together. And even more awesome to have her come home with a new pair and say "these were on sale and I picked us up a pair". As far as the pedal pumping thing goes thats just all me, she could care less.
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May 3, 2007
Re: Pedal Pumping in keds

i put my white champs on every time i get into my truck no one can see i have no one to share my keds with. told my girl of my keds fetish now she thinks i'm a freak,:icon_frow i love my keds