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  1. ChampFan

    Movie: The Founder (Ray Kroc)

    G-Rated Movie Keds Types 
    Just happend to find a snippet of the movie where he visits McDonalds's for the first time. Buys a burger and sits down to eat it. Two ladies next to the bench are wearing Chmpions! Sorry for the crappy resolution. Got it off my PC screen., Is there a "Keds in Movies" category?
  2. R

    The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2

    Keds Types 
    Main Protagonist Belly wore keds (both real and knockoff) throughout the entire season unlike season 1 in which she only wore them like two or three times plus her friend wore one on Episode 4 & onward
  3. R

    You're Killing Me (2023)

    Keds Types 
    Lead Protagonist (play by Mckeyla Miller) wear White Keds throughout the entire movie plus you can see the blue logo especially when she's facing the villains
  4. tidybowler

    Early Eighties Nike Nostalgia

    Video Nike 
    Back when I was young and constantly horny, our family couldn't afford to go to a movie theater very often. Like many others, we went with a more-economical alternative: renting VHS videos from a nearby business that specialized in such items. On one occasion we chose a a comedy called...
  5. R

    Frank and Penelope (2022)

    Keds Types 
    Female Lead (play by Caylee Owen) wears White Keds (the classic canvas one's) throughout the entire movie plus close up of the Blue Logo and she has some PP Scenes (2 Flooring and 1 Braking and the second when she's putting her feet on her lover when he's flooring the G/T ) Thank God there's...
  6. R

    Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

    Keds Types 
    The beginning of the film has brief close up of keds in the flashback opening (both in the school scene and when they arrived to Hollywood)
  7. R

    Exploited (2022)

    Keds Types 
    One of the Female Characters is wearing Keds plus there's close up of her sneakers with the iconic blue label