Do any of you guys wear women's sneakers in public?


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Dec 30, 2004
I thought this would be kinda interesting to see if any of you other guys like to wear women's sneakers in public, around the house, or at all?

Personally I love to. When I was younger I'd wear them exclusively - I'd walk around high school in Freestyle hi-tops right next to all the girls wearing the same sneaker - I didn't give a shit.

Nowadays I would love to still do that.. but I won't at work or when I think someone would recognize them. Fortunately most of the sneakers I like are getting rare so it's a lot less likely someone is gonna notice a pair of Freestyles are women's sneakers.

I'll put on any of the sneakers I've got that will fit if I'm doing something like shopping.. I really don't give a shit if someone in the supermarket realizes I'm wearing women's sneakers.

Long and short though.. I just like doing it when I either don't care or think nobody will notice. It turns me on to begin with and has the added benefit of wearing the sneakers down which is how I like em..

I like a lot of the other brands though like Nike's where a lot of em you really can't tell unless they're bright pink or something.. (as much as I like pink Princesses that's one sneaker that stays in the house:) )

I especially like wearing sneakers that a woman broke in or outright trashed for me but I've got to get them off Ebay and they're pretty rare big enough to wear. I was with this one woman for a few years who'd let me wear her sneakers all the time... I'd wear hers and she'd either wear mine or a different pair of hers that I'd came in many-a-time.. that was awesome walking around for a day like that...

So what about the rest of you?
More recently I've taken to wearing some but never out in public. The really awesome thing is I recently met a girl who's absolutey fine with my fetish and actively takes part. Last week we had a ball playing the mud in the garden, her in her Velcro Lacoste's and she made me wear her new Vans.

I've also bought a few pairs off ebay that girls have worn to hell and back, it's always fun to wear those and get them even more knackered.

i've worn womens adidas, nike, or new balance sneakers pretty much every day for the past 5 years. you're right, unless they are hot pink no one will ever notice. the thrill of wearing womens sneakers in public excites me too.
I wear womens sneakers around the house all the time, Keds, Tretorns and k-swiss also. All are canvas..the only way to go for me. I also have other pairs of the same kind that I wear outside any time I feel like it. I think sticking to white sneakers outside is less noticable than bright colors. I like to keep the bright colors for indoors.
Almost all of my sneakers are women's shoes. Keds primarily (over 20 pairs in my closet right now), but I also wear Nikes, New Balance, Adidas, Asics, and Saucony, or any other shoe where the colors aren't the ugly colors they always use for men's styles. Personally I like the violet accent on Nikes or New Balances, and I do like pink on my shoes as well. Last summer I wore my grey/pink New Balance crosstrainers to the San Diego Zoo and a bunch of teens noticed them (my wife wore the same style next to me). I could hear them saying, "Hey check that out!" Then one guy said, "I don't like them," while almost everyone else in the group said, "No, they're cool!"
Lately I've gotten bolder and wear my red keds whereever now. I've only gotten a couple of glances.
Bottom line is people have their mind set on what they're doing, whether they're shopping, going to work, etc., and they just don't give a ##$#@ what you're wearing either.
Oh, except teen girls.... they'll notice you in a heartbeat! Especially if they're in a group at the mall. They can be ruthless! Who cares, though. Wear whatever the hell you want to wear.
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Re: Do any of you guys wear women's sneakers in public?

greentea had a post about observing cum-covered sneakers in public. those of us that wear womens sneakers in public, have any of you ever worn a pair glazed with cum?
Re: Do any of you guys wear women's sneakers in public?

Yeah I wear Women's sneakers in public. I try to buy sneakers that are both masculine and feminin looking. The thing is, I know that they are womens sneakers. Recently I bought a pair of Womens Nike Xccelerators that are light blue and white, they look girly and masculine at the same time. Nobody every notices....It's Great!
I got brave one evening and wore a pair of my girlfriends White Skechers Milleniums that the Hooters girls wear. I wanted to go for a walk around the neighbourhood. Problem was I was so hard the whole time, I had to go home and give a good wank before I could go back out again!!
Re: Do any of you guys wear women's sneakers in public?

Hell yeah, that's what it's all about :)

Exactly . . . I'm a little cautious still . . . certain colors I won't wear . . . but definitely wear the Keds . . . Champions, Vans, Nike's, Reebook, etc.
Re: Do any of you guys wear women's sneakers in public?

I wear Tretorns all the time. The pair I have are technically men's but they are exactly the same as my wife's womens pair. I finally got the nerve about a month ago to wear them in front of her and I haven't looked back since!