How does the fetish start?

How did you get your sneaker fetish? My deep dark thoughts on mine. And why I still get hard thinking about it.
I'm 65 I've had a long time to think about it and I'm pretty sure I know how I got mine.
More to come.
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Ha great conversation. I have something to admit to.

I started writing this as a story / bio but I was drinking bourbon and had a nap. The program auto saved and when I awoke there were replies.

I’ll try again 👍
I'd love to hear the rest of your story!
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Not sure i remember exactly when. But when I was young there was a girl in my class the wore navy blue Ked's style sneakers with little nylon socks and I couldn't take my eyes off them. Then in the 80s all hell broke lose with the aerobics craze. Suddenly girls were wearing Nikes and Reebok's with tights, leg warmers and slouch socks! God wish camera phones were around then!!!!!
I had a thing for Keds as far back as I can remember, not sure where it came from or why. In the late 70’s Tretorns came along and they were also a turn on. As far as adding bondage into that mix I don’t know where I got that , it has always been something that I liked . I was tying up neighborhood girls in their Keds when I was about 10 or 11. I thought I would grow out of it but I haven’t and am in my 60’s .
My fetish started at about age 6 with my class teacher at the time wearing pristine white lace ups when we had PE lessons. I was "turned on" but at that age I did not know why. A lot of the girls wore white canvas sneakers with their roller skates and it "grew" from there. I reached puberty and it all became clear. My interest was canvas sneakers (not hightops) and not chunky ones. In my teenage years this fetish morphed into the following to include:

Ballet slippers with or without ankle laces.
Espadrilles, (most types (not leather) though I prefer canvas with ankle lace ups .)
Canvas ballerinas including suede effect.
Canvas platforms, particularly black suede.
Most ladies suede shoes (party/ disco/nights out) not boots!)
Chinese Shoes (ladies kung fu slippers I call them CMJ's) Is anyone else a lover of these and the "glue scent" they have when new?

I had to wait until my 20's until I actually had the chance to make love to a women who happened to be wearing blue canvas slip ons. ("skimmers" I think they are called in the USA) I had to wait to the age of 23 to let on about my fetish to my fiancee. She fully indulged my fetish (in and out of the bedroom) during our years together. We spent our 10th wedding anniversary walking round Paris, she wearing new white canvas lace ups with the embossed white flowers on them. Bedtime was magical, that night!

She could be a minx too, wearing black suede CMJ's to a restaurant, there were six of us at the table - my wife sat opposite and drove me mad in secret, pushing and rubbing against my crotch with her shoes - how I remained straight faced I will never know! When we got home I put her on the floor and what was pent up was soon released! My wife would also point out other women wearing what I had a fetish for. She wore anything I wanted her to wear during our 17 year marriage. It was not the reason we divorced, we just grew apart. I used to be embarrassed by this fetish and wondered what my ex-wife told her new partner. These days I really don't care what (if anything) she told him.

This fetish (by now it's 55 years old) is not going away. My most recent addition to my fetish was Vans Authentics. These seem to have moved on from being on every woman's feet, to being rare these days. I do like the white stripe "Old Skool" currently the latest Vans craze, but only on stunning women's feet. (same applies to Converse lo's )

My apologies for the long post.
My white canvas Keds fetish had a similar begining. The girls used to leave their "gym shoes" hanging on the hooks in the cloak room that was next to our classroom. Well I discovered that getting in trouble in class and being send out there was more like rapture then punishment since I could feel, touch and smell them undisturbed. I also was too young to know that a permanently imprinted white canvas Keds Champions sneaker fetish was developing at that time. As I grew older, and when the game of boys chase the girls morphed into "chase and tie-up" the girls; you have the foundation of my favorite 2 fetishes combined- Keds on women in bondage.
I've always had a thing for feet and legs for some reason. The attraction to Keds didn't get sharp until I was in highschool. The girl who lived next to us would wear black keds with white socks and it just totally turned me on. Over time, I found that all the girls at school wore them and I'd see them in the Sears catalogue all the time. After that there was no turning back! I was hooked!